Joey Yung

Joey Yung (born 16 June 1980) is a Hong Kong singer and actress. She is signed to Emperor Entertainment Group. Yung has won numerous awards including the prestigious JSG “Most Popular Female Singer” and “Ultimate Best Female Singer – Gold” awards a record breaking nine times, thus emerging as one of the premier Cantonese singers in Hong Kong. She is ranked 63rd on the 2014 Forbes China Celebrity 100, making her the most ‘powerful’ Hong Kong-based female singer in 2014. She has earned 80 million HKD (10.3 million USD) in 2014.

Poster for the movie "My Schoolmate, the Barbarian"

My Schoolmate, the Barbarian

Kids fend for themselves at a high school with a serious fighting problem. A brainy private school student is transferred to a far less elite institution, where he must fend off classmates who settle scores with fistfights.

Poster for the movie "Crazy n' the City"

Crazy n’ the City

Tensions arise when Jack Chan, a spineless constable who regards his work as a job but not a career, is partnered with an energetic and conscientious policewoman, Man Liu. When a serial killer emerges in Hong Kong, Man Liu swears to catch him. Jack is impressed by her bravery and decides to secretly protect her.

Poster for the movie "Diva"


When an accident temporarily robs her of her voice, Diva J flees to a small deserted village to heal both her mental and physical wounds. Her life changes when she meets and falls in love with the blind Hu Ming, who inspires her to make a comeback. But, in her absence, a new diva has risen. R has become an overnight sensation that everyone sees as the main contender for J’s crown. Yet, their successes … Read more