Hans Zhang

Hans Zhang Han (born 6 October 1984) is a Chinese actor, singer and host. When Zhang was in his sophomore year, he played roles in television advertisements and movies. Because he often attended public events, Zhang began to pay attention to his fashion style. In 2008, he was selected as the “most well-dressed actor” in China. In 2009, Zhang acted in his breakthrough role as Murong Yunhai in the television series Let’s Watch the Meteor Shower. When he went to audition dressed in sportswear, the interviewer exchanged witty banter with him, which impressed the interviewer and earned him the role in the series. On August 8, the television series was first broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV. With the popularity of two seasons of Let’s Watch the Meteor Shower, Zhang became famous overnight. He gained recognition for his appearance and acting skills. He received many endorsement deals for products and invitations to appear before the public, including in commercial campaigns and variety shows. In 2010, Hunan Television Channel launched a new variety show Great Sunday (给力星期天). Zhang hosted the program with Peer and Vision Wei. Compared with the other two hosts, Zhang was a green hand. However, Zhang spent time studying and performed well in the program. At the same time, Great Sunday acquired reputation and fame among the public. Hans has performed in many outstanding works since his debut.

Poster for the movie "The Three Body Problem"

The Three Body Problem

Based on the novel of the same name by Cixin Liu, the first in the Remembrance of Earth’s Past trilogy. Hundreds of physicists died mysteriously. A Chinese nanomaterials expert, Wang Miao, sees a mysterious countdown in his eyes. Soon he finds out that the “disastrous planet” under three suns in a game really exists. The three-body civilization there will reach the Earth in 400 years. A future catastrophe is coming for humanity…