Feng Gong

Poster for the movie "幸福马上来"



Poster for the movie "Steal Happiness"

Steal Happiness

A beautifully observed light comedy centered on an average Chinese family in Xi’an, Steal Happiness observes a whole range of everyday issues in Mainland life with a gently ironic eye.

Poster for the movie "Zhanzhi luo bie paxia"

Zhanzhi luo bie paxia

Zhanzhi luo bie paxia (1993) — — – 6 November 1993 Your rating: Not rated yet! Director:  Jianxin Huang Stars:  Shichang Da, Feng Gong, Zhenhua Niu … Read more

Poster for the movie "Eat Hot Tofu Slowly"

Eat Hot Tofu Slowly

Eat Hot Tofu Slowly (2005) — — – 1 January 2005 Your rating: Not rated yet! Director:  Feng Gong Writers:  Yanjun Cui, Feng Gong Stars:  Feng … Read more

Poster for the movie "Meishi touzhe le"

Meishi touzhe le

Meishi touzhe le (1999) — — – 7 January 1999 Your rating: Not rated yet! Director:  Yazhou Yang Writers:  Yanjun Cui, Heng Liu Stars:  Feng Gong, … Read more

Poster for the movie "Mai fu"

Mai fu

Hailed by the Chinese government as one of the ten best films of the 1996-97 season, this irony-laced light drama is based on a novel by Fang Fang, and begins with the brutal slaying and robbery of a dock worker’s family. The city assigns one of its best detectives, Yan Gao to find “the Wise One,” the crime lord behind the murders. To do this, Yan sets up a series of surveillance sights around the … Read more