Edison Song

Poster for the movie "Bad Education"

Bad Education

On the night of their high school graduation, three juvenile delinquents get drunk at their regular hangout. But for these boys about to enter a new chapter of life, they decide to share their darkest secrets with one another. The first secret is shocking. The second secret is terrifying. The third secret is… Wait! Unless you want us to kill you, you must do something terrible enough! Right now! Tonight!

Poster for the movie "Girl's Revenge"

Girl’s Revenge

At a birthday party, a sex video is filmed without consent and Ren Li-cha is the girl in the video. The clip circulates among the students and Li-cha is mocked and bullied as a result. Wu Yun-heng, a transfer student, went to the party with Li-cha. As she cannot stand how much Li-cha is suffering’ she is determined to find out about the truth behind the incident, fighting for her best friend. However, as she … Read more