Chen Baoguo

Chen Baoguo (陈宝国; born 9 March 1956) is a Chinese actor. He graduated from the Central Academy of Drama, Erjia in 1977 and has since acted in many films and television series, including The Emperor in Han Dynasty, Da Zhai Men and Rob-B-Hood.[1][2] He is married to actress Zhao Kui’e (赵奎娥).

Chen Baoguo Filmography

Poster for the movie "Rob-B-Hood"


For never-do-well compulsive gambler Fong, there’s only one thing more fearsome than debtors at his doorstep – having to coax a crying baby. But what if the baby becomes his golden goose to fend off his debtors? Can he overcome his phobia of diapers, milk bottles, and cloying lullabies?

Poster for the movie "The Founding of a Republic"

The Founding of a Republic

The Founding of a Republic is a Chinese historical film commissioned by China’s film regulator and made by the state-owned China Film Group (CFG) to mark the 60th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China. The film retells the tale of the Communist ascendancy and triumph.

Poster for the movie "Operation Mekong"

Operation Mekong

Chinese narco-cops take their mission to the Golden Triangle following the Mekong River massacre of innocent fishermen by the region’s drug lord.

Poster for the movie "Women from the Lake of Scented Souls"

Women from the Lake of Scented Souls

If money can’t buy happiness, can it at least buy control over others? Xiang is hard-working, running a small sesame oil business. Her husband is lazy and drinks; her son is blood simple. When Japanese investors provide capital to expand Xiang’s business, she has the wealth to raise her social standing and buy a wife for her son, Dunzi. When money and a forceful personality fail to bend others to her will, including daughter-in-law Huanhuan, … Read more

Poster for the movie "Lao Dian"

Lao Dian

电影女编导(徐松子 饰)从守墓老人田顺(姜祖麟 饰)那里倾听了一段发生在早年间的关于北京全聚德的故事。风水先生(郭家庆 饰)为杨明全(陈宝国 饰)的烤鸭店倒了一个字,将德聚全改为全聚德,并说日后必能生意兴隆。杨掌柜重金请来清宫名橱孙铁杆(牛星丽 饰)和吴一勺(马恩然 饰),独创挂炉烤鸭,风靡京城。堂头张八(王运庭 饰)久闯江湖,却得罪闷炉烤鸭师傅郑大炮(张辛元 饰),任杨掌柜怎样从中斡旋,郑仍不断挑起事端。东家华英奎(尤勇 饰)因与杨掌柜早年结冤,乘机唆使泼皮大闹店堂,杨掌柜忍无可忍,辞掉从中作梗的郑大炮和冯贵。田顺(赵亮 饰)与杨掌柜都中意养着残疾丈夫的玉环嫂,因而俩人成了情敌,当玉环嫂被迫与田顺同居后,杨掌柜怒火中烧……