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Brigitte Lin Ching-hsia (林青霞; born 3 November 1954) is a Taiwanese actress.

Brigitte Lin Ching-hsia (林青霞), born on November 3, 1954, in Chiayi, Taiwan, is a celebrated Taiwanese actress revered as an icon of Chinese language cinema. Lin’s journey to stardom began unexpectedly in 1972 when she was scouted on the streets of Taipei after completing high school and while preparing for university.

Her film debut was in the adaptation of Chiung Yao’s “Outside the Window” (1973), which catapulted her to fame. She became a prominent figure in Taiwanese cinema, known as part of the “Two Chins, Two Lins” group alongside Joan Lin, Charlie Chin, and Chin Han. This group was famous for their roles in romantic movies based on Chiung Yao’s novels, dominating the Taiwanese box office in the 1970s.

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Rising Stardom and Acclaim

Lin joined Chiung Yao’s company in 1976 and starred in 12 of her films by 1982. She won the Best Actress award at the Asia-Pacific Film Festival for her role in “Eight Hundred Heroes” (1976). Between 1972 and 1979, Lin appeared in 55 films, primarily portraying romantic heroines. In 1979, she took a break to study and relax in the U.S. for a year and a half.

Transition to Hong Kong Cinema

Lin’s collaborations with Hong Kong New Wave directors like Ringo Lam, Tsui Hark, and Jackie Chan in films like “Zu Warriors from the Magic Mountain” (1983), “The Other Side of Gentleman” (1984), “Police Story” (1985), and “Peking Opera Blues” (1986) brought her international success. She won the Best Actress trophy at the 27th Golden Horse Awards for her role in “Red Dust” (1990).

Androgynous Roles and Iconic Performances

Lin is renowned for her androgynous roles, beginning with Jia Baoyu in the 1977 adaptation of “Dream of the Red Chamber.” She played a guerrilla revolutionary in “Peking Opera Blues” (1986) and the leader of the Heavenly Dragon Sect in “Royal Tramp II” (1992). Lin’s dual role as Yin and Yang in “Ashes of Time” (1994) and her portrayal of Dongfang Bubai in “Swordsman II” (1992) are especially memorable. “Swordsman II” was a peak in her career, with Time magazine listing her performance among the ten greatest in cinema history.

Legacy and Retirement

Lin starred in more than 100 movies, becoming a trans-island legend and boosting Taiwan’s film production in the 1970s before gaining popularity in Hong Kong in the 1990s. She retired from acting in 1994, with “Ashes of Time” being her last film.

Personal Life

Lin traces her family roots to Shandong, China. She was romantically linked with both Chin Han and Charlie Chin in the 1970s and was briefly engaged to the latter. Lin married Hong Kong businessman Michael Ying in 1994 and is the mother of Eileen Ying Oi Lum and Melani Ying Yin-oi, and stepmother to Claudine Ying.

Lin made a public appearance at the 2008 New York Film Festival screening of “Ashes of Time Redux.” In 2015, she appeared as a cast member in “Up Idol,” a Chinese reality show on Hunan Television.

Brigitte Lin Filmography

Poster for the movie "The Eagle Shooting Heroes"

The Eagle Shooting Heroes

A power struggle between the Queen’s treasonous lover and a princess occurs amid musical numbers, slapstick battles, and martial arts acrobatics. The Legend of the Condor Heroes is a spoof of Louis Cha’s famous classic. The story opens with the Queen of the Golden Wheel Kingdom having an affair with her cousin West Poison, who are both plotting to take over the kingdom. The 3rd Princess uncovered their treachery, but West Poison defeated her. She … Read more

Poster for the movie "The Black Panther Warriors"

The Black Panther Warriors

A group of specialists is recruited to steal from a police station. Black Cougar is a mercenary who is being paid a huge sum of money by an unknown person to recover a top-secret file. Realizing the enormity and complexity of the task, he looks for a group of experts to help him out.

Poster for the movie "The Other Side of Gentleman"

The Other Side of Gentleman

As part of a sociology experiment, Brigitte Lin tries to get lower-class playboy Alan Tam to fall in love with her. Not only does he fall for her, but he finds it impossible to return to his playboy life.

Poster for the movie "Royal Tramp"

Royal Tramp

The story of Wilson Bond, a pimp who after saving Chan, the leader of the Heaven and Earth society, a revolutionary group, is made a member. After a botched first assignment for the group, he is made a servant to the Prince, the very person the Heaven and Earth society want to overthrow. What follows is plenty of mayhem and laughter.

Poster for the movie "Royal Tramp 2"

Royal Tramp 2

Following on from the Royal Tramp I, after discovering that the Empress is actually Lone-er, a member of the St Dragon Sect, and that she imprisoned the real empress. Lone-er is bent on eliminating the person who disclosed her true identity, Wilson Bond. But more complications ensues when Lone-er is assigned to protect the Prince, whose servant is none other than Wilson Bond.

Poster for the movie "Peking Opera Blues"

Peking Opera Blues

The film is set in 1913 Beijing, during Yuan Shikai’s presidency of the Republic of China. It depicts the adventures of a team of unlikely heroines: Tsao Wan, a patriotic rebel who dresses as a man; Sheung Hung, a woman in search of a missing box of jewels; and Pat Neil, the daughter of a Peking Opera impresario.

Poster for the movie "Handsome Siblings"

Handsome Siblings

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Poster for the movie "Zu: Warriors from the Magic Mountain"

Zu: Warriors from the Magic Mountain

In the fifth century, constant civil war scarred western China. To escape death, Ti, a young scout, jumps through a crevice in the Zu mountains where he meets and becomes the apprentice of Ting Yin, a spiritual man with great fighting powers. They encounter a monk, Hsiao Yu, also a great fighter and a good man, but unfriendly to Ting. Because Ting and Hsiao can’t work together, it falls to Ti to team with Hsiao’s … Read more

Poster for the movie "Swordsman III: The East Is Red"

Swordsman III: The East Is Red

A royal official accompanies a Portuguese warship to the Black Cliffs to see the site of the defeat of the evil Invincible Asia, who attained supernatural abilities by following the sacred scroll and castrating himself.

Poster for the movie "The Dream Of The Red Chamber"

The Dream Of The Red Chamber

Li Han-Hsiang’s adaptation of the classic Qing Dynasty novel will take viewers to the heightened pleasures of love and the despairing depths of betrayal. Timeless beauty Brigitte Lin Ching-hsia appears as Chia Pao-yu in her first attempt at a gender-bending role, an art she will wield complete mastery over in later films. Pao-yu is in love with his cousin, Lin Tai-yu (Sylvia Chang), but his family has other marital plans for him that will leave … Read more

cloud of romance

Cloud of romance

Based on the work of novelist Chiung Yao, whose company also produced the film, Cloud of Romance stars the young Brigitte Lin in a heartrending love triangle with Charlie Chin and Chin Han. Seemingly a prototypical weepie, Cloud of Romance enters the pantheon of screen romance due to its incomparable cast: This is the only film featuring three of “Two Lins, Two Chins”, the superstar quartet (Joan Lin is the fourth) considered synonymous with 1970s … Read more


The Bride with White Hair

Brigitte Lin starred in countless swordplay films, but few were as passionate as this adaptation of the eponymous wuxia novel, starring Lin as Lian Nichang, the adoptive heiress of an occult sect, who falls for swordsman Zhuo Yihang. Their ill-fated love transforms the stricken Nichang transforms into a murderous white-haired witch consumed by unstoppable rage. An operatic and sensuous take on Romeo and Juliet told in artful, violent and glorious Hong Kong cinema style.

Poster for the movie "The Bride with White Hair 2"

The Bride with White Hair 2

For ten years, Cho has been in the snow of Mount Shin Fung waiting for a rare flower to blossom that will cure his wife who, back in Chung Yuan, is slowly killing all of the members of the Eight Big Clans. Something Cho did to her early in their marriage has turned her hair white and driven her mad. Cho’s nephew, Kit, marries Lyre; they are deeply in love. On their wedding night, Ni-Chang, … Read more

Poster for the movie "Love Massacre"

Love Massacre

Set in a surprisingly minimalist San Francisco, Patrick Tam’s stylish slasher movie manages to evoke both Antonioni and Mario Bava in this tale of a ravishing young co-ed (Brigitte Lin) whose studly boyfriend (Chang Kuo-chu) turns into a demented stalker after the suicide of his sister.

Poster for the movie "Ashes of Time"

Ashes of Time

The film is set in five parts, five seasons that are part of the Chinese almanac. The story takes place in the jianghu, the world of the martial arts. Ouyang Feng has lived in the western desert for some years. He left his home in White Camel Mountain when the woman he loved chose to marry his elder brother rather than him. Instead of seeking glory, he ends up as an agent. When people come … Read more

Poster for the movie "Police Story"

Police Story

Chan Ka Kui is a Hong-Kong policeman, who single handedly captures and arrests a big drug lord. The drug-lord then frames Chan with the murder of a corrupt cop. Now a fugitive cop killer, Chan Ka Kui must try to catch the drug lord and clear his name.

Poster for the movie "Chungking Express"

Chungking Express

Every day, Cop 223 (Takeshi Kaneshiro) buys a can of pineapple with an expiration date of May 1, symbolizing the day he’ll get over his lost love. He’s also got his eye on a mysterious woman in a blond wig (Brigitte Lin), oblivious of the fact she’s a drug dealer. Cop 663 (Tony Leung Chiu Wai) is distraught with heartbreak over a breakup. But when his ex drops a spare set of his keys at … Read more

Poster for the movie "The Peach Blossom Land"

The Peach Blossom Land

Two drama companies happened to share one auditorium for rehearsal. Friction was inevitable. One of them played ‘Peach Blossom’, a comedy in medieval costume. Another played ‘Secret Love’, a sad story with contemporary setting. Though unreconciled in all aspects, they find themselves telling the same story: the story of Chinese people forced to leave home.

Poster for the movie "Deadful Melody"

Deadful Melody

A young security man must prove himself worthy by defending the one object wanted by all the masters of the Martial Arts world – the Magic Lyre!