Boxun Zhou

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Letter with Feather

Haiwa is a twelve-year-old boy and the son of a guerrilla leader. One day, he is entrusted with urgent dispatch that must be brought to the Communist Eighth Route Army, which is fighting the Imperial Japanese Army in northeast China. The letter is marked with three feathers, indicating its importance. He embarks on his mission but must avoid the many Japanese patrols. At one point, he is forced to hide the dispatch under a sheep … Read more

Dushi fengguang

A novelist uses all his money to buy gifts for the woman he loves who in turn is also seeing a business man, using him for expensive presents. As a consequence the writer is unable to pay the rent, whilst the womans family goes hungry as her fathers business suffers. A joyful comedy that expresses the dangers of consumerism for the careless spender.