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100 million in China benefited by World’s biggest water transit project

World’s biggest water transit project – In 2014 China opened an $80 billion mega tunnel to transfer water from the country’s south to to the … Read more

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Xiangyun Ghost Town in Shijiazhuang

Xiangyun International Project is a huge real estate project built in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province. Xiangyun International Project (祥云国际楼盘动态) covers an area of about 1800 acres. … Read more

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24 Rare Images of 1976 Great Tangshan Earthquake

Tangshan earthquake. Tangshan is a largely industrial city in northeastern Hebei province and suffered an earthquake of magnitude 7.8 (7.5 according to official reports) at … Read more

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Heavy rain in China kills at least 87, thousands evacuated

SHANGHAI (Reuters) – Heavy rain in China has killed at least 87 people and forced  thousands from their homes, state media reported on Saturday.

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Ancient Chinese Villages

The ancient castle used by both Ming and Qing dynasties in Yuxian County village, Hebei Province, China. Photographer: Maoyuan Cui, China Maoyuan Cui is a … Read more