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Hong Kong’s Quest for Gender Equality: TWF’s #BreakZeroSum Campaign 2023

Gender Equality is a Win-win.

The Women’s Foundation (TWF) launched the #BreakZeroSum video campaign aimed to create a society where everyone can grow together by escaping the zero sum “you win: I Iose” mentality. Gender equality and Hong Kong’s competitiveness and development are closely related. The advantages are evident and well-established: happier households, better results for businesses generally, and a stronger economy. Statistics from the most recent quarter show that only 48% of women and 64% of men are employed. Several of our neighbors, like Singapore, South Korea, Mainland China, Australia, and Japan, have lower rates than this. In comparison to men, women are ten times more likely to mention domestic duties as a major barrier to employment.

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The gender pay gap is at 15%, meaning that for every $10 a man makes, a woman makes just HK$8.5. These are only a handful of the many gender disparities that still exist in a variety of contexts, including safety, mental health, poverty, and job development. The outcomes are remarkable when people and organizations make the effort to comprehend how gender inequality hurts people of all genders, identify any areas where they may be perpetuating biases, and make the attempt to encourage and make changes. It has never been more crucial to have a diverse workforce that feels comfortable, recognized, and heard to bring their full range of skills to the table.

Inequities and gender biases are a major obstacle to accomplishing this goal. People of all genders must set an example of inclusivity to speed progress. This is a demanding, constantly changing task that necessitates both individual and organizational transformation. It’s important to be allies. Avoid using expressions, jokes, or cultural allusions that reinforce gender stereotypes, and speak in a way that is inclusive of all genders. When someone overhears someone else maintaining stereotypes, is essential to take immediate action. Start discussions about the causes of gender inequality and assist others in understanding its advantages.

Zero sum thinking, where people consider that advancing the rights and prospects of one gender will reduce and devalue another, is a major roadblock to progress. The #BreakZeroSum video campaign wants to highlight that gender equality is a win-win situation rather than a zero-sum game. The zero-sum mentality is common in Hong Kong, according to a TWF study with IPSOS: 38% of men and 52% of women think gender equality is a women’s issue, and men should keep out of the way. Likewise, 47% of men and 29% of women think women benefit the most from a gender-equal society. All genders are encouraged to serve as role models for inclusive thinking and to make sure that the entire range of varied voices is considered when developing fair opportunities and policies.

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