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Planet China Vol. 15

Last Updated on 2023/03/09

Celebrating women who push boundaries V: International Women’s Day 2023

Interviews with Xiang Jing, Li Xinmo, Allison Fong, Red Hongyi, Peggy Chan, Nancy Lin, Denise Ho, Amy Luo, Yang Liu, SuYi Xu, Yiran Jia, Yi Luo, Jing Yue. After years of the Covid pandemic on the occasion of International Women’s Day 2023, there is an air of greater freedom, and life for some has almost returned to normal.

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On this day it is important to share the success stories of women who have led and led to the development and contribute to the emancipation of other women who still live in need of freedom and to be recognized. War and earthquakes have once again overwhelmed the lives of those who were recovering after these long years of pandemic. Remembering the women who carry on the debate by feeding it with different and better perspectives is essential. It is also important to restore hope in places where it always seems difficult to take your life back into your own hands. Celebrating who built the road, who is walking it, and who makes it safe in such a way as to encourage future generations not to be frightened, and not demoralised but always have faith and move forward is important to understand how far they have come. Stopping, celebrating, and looking back is also important at this time to remember that we are in a privileged position at this point in the history of humanity, despite everything, it is true that there are still many things that are wrong and that we can improve the situation. But women are now where they never went. And they can still achieve infinite goals. This is why it is important to always remain determined, whatever happens, to concentrate on one’s desires, without ever being afraid to challenge oneself and face new goals. Determined and adventurous.

We want to thank the women who shared their stories showing the importance of following personal goals and having courage. Demonstrating how it is important for women also to support other women in dialogue and understanding.

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