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Top 12 Chinese Chefs: A Guide to Excellence in the Culinary World

Experience the Best of Chinese Cuisine with These 12 Master Chefs

Chinese cuisine is a rich and diverse culinary tradition with a history that spans thousands of years. From the spicy and bold flavors of Sichuan to the delicate and subtle tastes of Cantonese, Chinese food is known for its wide range of flavors and ingredients. And behind every delicious dish is a skilled and talented chef who has dedicated their life to perfecting their craft. In this article, we will be highlighting some of the best Chinese chefs who have made a name for themselves in the culinary world. These chefs come from a variety of backgrounds and bring their own unique styles and approaches to Chinese cuisine. Some are TV personalities and cookbook authors who have introduced Chinese cooking to a wider audience, while others are restaurateurs and innovators who have brought a modern twist to traditional dishes.

No matter their background, these chefs are all united by their passion for Chinese food and their dedication to creating delicious and authentic dishes. Whether you are a seasoned foodie or just starting to explore the world of Chinese cuisine, these chefs are sure to inspire and delight with their culinary skills. So join us as we celebrate the best Chinese chefs in the business and explore the rich and diverse world of Chinese food. From TV personalities and cookbook authors to restaurateurs and innovators, these chefs represent the best of Chinese cuisine and are sure to inspire and delight foodies everywhere. The chefs are listed in no particular order.



In 1988, chef Matt Chen relocated to Taiwan from Macau with his uncle to work at a seafood restaurant. After being recruited to join the staff of a vegetarian restaurant in 1987, chef Ken Chan relocated to Taiwan. The Chefs spent their years in the industry working in some of Taipei’s top restaurants. They are experts in Cantonese cuisine and have become accustomed to thinking about many regional Chinese culinary traditions from various locations. The chefs’ innovative connections between these differences expanded the boundaries of Chinese food. 

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Chef YU BO


The most well-known chef in Chengdu is Yu Bo, a Sichuan Legend. When the Maoists were in power, Yu Bo was born in Chengdu. He learned the fundamentals of cooking and started to see a career as a chef after being hired for a job by his culinary instructor, who was employed by a local Chengdu government agency. He spent his spare time honing his knife abilities while gaining job experience. Yu spent several years carefully studying the skill of preparing spicy and traditional Sichuan food under master chefs. Since he struck out on his own, his restaurant has received accolades for its extraordinary innovation and culinary skill. He developed a devoted following among a select group of artists, thinkers, and other foodies. Yu adds his signature to the building of Chengdu’s culinary heritage. His cuisine develops when new ingredients from different regions of China and forgotten Sichuan recipes are found.

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Pastry Chef Janice Wong


The creative genius behind Singapore’s “2am: dessertbar” is pastry chef Janice Wong, an economics graduate from Melbourne’s Monash University, relocated to Paris in 2005 to enroll at the Le Cordon Bleu. She had experience working in a number of prestigious kitchens, including those in San Sebastian, Chicago, and New York. When she returns to Singapore in 2007 and opens her first restaurant, 2am: dessertbar, in Holland Village, she discovers her own style. With her original approach to food, Janice Wong produces stunning interactive art. She has an impeccable eye for detail, and her love of culinary art has inspired her to push the boundaries of dessert creation. Since Chef Janice Wong’s creations have distinctive flavors that surprise customers and clients, galleries and restaurants have requested her culinary art installations. Janice Wong has studied under some of the top chefs in the world, including American legends Grant Achatz and Thomas Keller, as well as renowned Spanish chocolatier Oriol Balaguer and eminent French pastry chef Pierre Hermé. She introduced her own sweet concept brand, Janice Wong, in November 2014. Chef Janice has gained fame all around the world for her innovative dishes.

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Chef Li Dong


Li Dong, a native of Beijing, serves as executive chef de cuisine at Jing Yaa Tang, a renowned restaurant within the Opposite House boutique hotel in Beijing. Li Dong has extensive training and is skilled at preparing various Chinese dishes. He belongs to the China Cuisine Association, the China Five-Star Chefs Committee, and the World Association of Chinese Chefs’ international committee. He has prepared meals for a number of huge banquets and international gatherings over the years, hosting guests including the prime minister of Malaysia and the president of Finland. In the first Michelin Guide Beijing 2020, Jing Yaa Tang at The Opposite House in Beijing received a star.

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chef May-Chow

May Chow was reared by a Shanghainese family in both Hong Kong and Canada. Her multi-cultural background has had a significant impact on her east-meets-west culinary philosophy, which introduces people to Chinese food from both an insider and an outsider perspective. Bangkok, Los Angeles, and Boston served as her training and employment hubs. She represented Hong Kong at events celebrating food, such as “Omnivore” in Shanghai and Paris. The importance of conventional ingredients and regional culinary heritage is something that Chef May Chow is dedicated to examining, reinventing, and exalting. By drawing inspiration from her Chinese roots and deftly interpreting familiar flavors in truly novel ways, Chef Chow celebrates and rewrites the norms of regional cuisine. In 2017, Asia’s Best 50 Restaurants Academy honored her with the title of Best Female Chef in Asia. Chef May Chow is the founder and owner/operator of the wildly popular Little Bao and Happy Paradise restaurants in Hong Kong.

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Chef Jeremy Pang


Three generations of Chinese cooks had come before JEREMY PANG, whose grandpa maintained a Chinese dessert store in Chinatown in the 1960s. After earning a degree in biochemical engineering and working for many businesses, Jeremy enrolled in the Le Cordon Blue Institute, where he was able to improve his culinary skills. After working in a number of restaurants and spending time in South East Asia as a travel journalist, he founded the School of Wok in London in the fall of 2009, a mobile culinary school that specializes in teaching Eastern cuisine to students in the convenience of their own homes.

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Pastry Chef TAOZI


The creator and Chinese partner of T Dessert is pastry chef TAOZI, who has a degree in art design. She was the director of the prestigious publication and product design art. She currently works with T Dessert as a designer and trainer for dessert embellishment. The dessert decoration course is the country of China’s first to feature both desserts and design.

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Chef Martin Yan

Martin Yan is a Chinese-American chef and television personality who is best known for his PBS cooking show, “Yan Can Cook.” He has also written over 30 cookbooks and has won numerous awards for his culinary skills. Chef Yan is known for his knowledge of Chinese cuisine and his ability to make it accessible to home cooks.

Chef Ching-He Huang

Ching-He Huang is a Taiwanese-British chef and television personality who has appeared on numerous cooking shows in the UK and the US. She is known for her modern take on traditional Chinese dishes and her focus on healthy eating. Chef Huang has also written several cookbooks and has a line of Asian-inspired kitchenware.

Chef Susur Lee

chef susur lee

Susur Lee is a Taiwanese-born chef who has made a name for himself in the culinary world with his fusion cuisine. He is the owner of several award-winning restaurants in Toronto and New York, and has appeared on numerous cooking shows. Chef Lee is known for his innovative use of ingredients and his ability to blend different flavors and cuisines.

Chef Ken Hom

Ken Hom is a Chinese-American chef and television personality who is best known for his BBC cooking show, “Ken Hom’s Chinese Cookery.” He has also written over 20 cookbooks and has received numerous awards for his culinary skills. Chef Hom is known for his knowledge of Chinese and Southeast Asian cuisine, and his ability to make complex dishes accessible to home cooks.

Chef Ming Tsai

Ming Tsai is a Chinese-American chef and television personality who is the owner of Blue Ginger, a modern Asian fusion restaurant in Wellesley, Massachusetts. He has also appeared on several cooking shows, including his own show, “Simply Ming.” Chef Tsai is known for his innovative use of ingredients and his focus on healthy, balanced meals.

These are just a few of the many talented Chinese chefs who have made a name for themselves in the culinary world. Each of these chefs brings their own unique style and approach to Chinese cuisine, making it a diverse and exciting culinary tradition.

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