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Superfine Silver Needle White Tea (Bai Hao Yin Zhen)

Last Updated on 2022/11/10

Bai Hao Yin Zhen, or “Silver Needle White Tea,” has a lovely name. Bai Hao, or’silver,’ refers to the downy white pekoe developing along the buds, whilst Yin Zhen, or ‘needle,’ depicts the look of the thick, straight buds with needle-like points.


TeaVivre’s Superfine Silver Needle White Tea was collected in 2022, before Qingming. All of the raw materials are hand-selected. Typically, 2000g-2500g fresh leaves provide 500g of tea. The tea buds are plump and heavily coated with white pekoe after withering. The new white tea has a strong pekoe aroma as well as a flowery scent. When brewed in a glass tea cup, the buds gently absorb water, get bigger, and stand erect in the water, which is appealing. Take a sip, and you’ll notice the smooth liquid carrying that strong fragrance, as well as a slight soymilk scent and a long-lasting tender aftertaste in your mouth.

Origin:Fuding City, Fujian Province, China
Harvest Date:2022.3.20
Picking Standard:Single buds
Dry Leaf: The tea buds are fat, silver green in color, and covered with plenty of white pekoe
Aroma: Fresh with tender pekoe fragrance, flowery
Liquor: Bright and clear light yellow
Taste: Sweet and refreshing, full of floral scent, sips come in soft silky and smooth taste with hint of soymilk flavor
Tea Bush:Fuding Dabaihao
Tea Garden:Wenyang Tea Garden
Caffeine:Low caffeine (less than 10% of a cup of coffee)
Storage:Store in cool, dry place away from sunlight; keep ventilated
Shelf Life:The aged the better

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