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How to place a Sports Bet in the Old Line State

Is Sports Betting Legal In Maryland?

Currently, sports betting is legal in Maryland. Maryland legalise sports betting in Maryland in May 2021 under the HB940 bill. Maryland residents are allowed to place bets in-person at casinos, racetracks, and other licensed retail locations.

However, the actual start of sports betting in Maryland isn’t planned until 2022, at the earliest. Three Maryland casinos have sought licenses to provide sports gambling. Sports betting in Maryland is expected to take off once the state legalises it.

Offshore Betting In Maryland

If you’re above the age of 18, you may place a wager on a sporting event via an offshore betting service. Maryland lawmakers, in the past, have not prosecuted those who bet with offshore sportsbooks therefore players should check out the recommended Maryland betting sites vetted by thesportsdaily, a reliable and safe and secure source.

Are Daily Fantasy Sports Legal In Maryland?

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) is welcomed in Maryland. It became the first state to regulate paid Daily Fantasy Sports when a bill was passed in 2012. It is moving at a fast pace, and as it stands, DFS operators are authorised to offer their services to Maryland residents with no registration or licensing fees. There are tons of DFS markets to play, including NBA and NFL.

Maryland Casino Laws

Maryland casinos are operated by the Maryland Lottery. Table games such as roulette and blackjack, as well as video poker, are permitted at all state-licensed casinos in Maryland. Between 2010 and 2016, six Atlantic City-style brick and mortar casinos were built implementing advanced technology and excellent customer service. Out of the six casinos, four have their own poker rooms which reflect this.

How do I bet on sports in Maryland?

In Maryland, you can’t bet on sports right now. But if you live close enough to Washington, D.C., West Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or Virginia, you can drive, take the train, or walk to place your bets.


To be honest, Delaware is not the best place for sports betting. You can’t bet on your phone or online. You can bet on football parlays at Delaware Park, Dover Downs, or Harrington Raceway, or through the lottery. Unless it is absolutely, positively the best place for you, you should choose one of the other states.

New York

Even though Maryland and New Jersey do not have a direct border, the I-95 corridor is a very popular way to get between the two states. From there, you can either go to Pennsylvania or branch off and go to New Jersey.

Most people think that New Jersey is the best place to bet on sports on the East Coast. It may also be the best place to bet on sports in the whole country. It is an open state for everything, including sports betting and online casinos. Whether you are going to New Jersey for business or pleasure or to see friends or family, you will have plenty of gambling options. New Jersey has the most options, though, and there’s definitely something for everyone there.


With Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, two big cities, Pennsylvania is a great place to bet on sports. From Erie to Philadelphia, there are sportsbooks and all of the online and mobile betting options for sports betting all over the state.

Maryland has a long land border with Pennsylvania. It is a Remote Registration state, which means that you can sign up from anywhere and then make a deposit and place bets once you are in the state. That makes it the easiest state for people from Maryland to get to until they can start their own thing in 2021.


Virginia started offering sports betting early in 2021. There were a few different operators in the state, which were completely online and mobile. Voters in Virginia did pass a ballot measure to allow retail casinos to be built in different cities across the state, but until those are built, sports betting can only be done online or on a mobile device. Even when brick-and-mortar casinos are no longer around, mobile and online betting will still be around.

Washington D.C.

The state lottery in Washington, D.C. has an Intralot app, but William Hill has a sportsbook at Capital One Arena, and starting in 2021, Nationals Park will have a Sportsbook. Fans of the Capitals, Wizards, or Nationals in Maryland, or people who just happen to be at a game or event, will be able to bet on-site.

West Virginia

West Virginia is another state like New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia that lets bettors sign up from anywhere and then bet on sports when they are in the legal jurisdiction they signed up for. Even though most people in Maryland live closer to Pennsylvania, those who want to go that way can still do so.

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