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Alibaba Combines Advanced Technology with Excellent Customer Service and Working Conditions

Last Updated on 2022/01/28

China is home to some of the most successful businesses worldwide, and E-commerce site Alibaba is a perfect example. Alibaba Group Holding Limited specializes in internet retail and technology.

The Hangzhou-based company has excellent customer service ratings and good reviews from employees. The stock has yo-yoed a bit due to regulatory concerns throughout last year. However, market analysts predict an excellent performance in the years to come

Usable Technology That is in Demand

Convenience is always paramount for consumers, and sustainability is of similar priority for investors. Alibaba has long been a leader in online necessities such as cloud computing, online ticketing, and payments. The company supplies an easy-to-use platform for launching an online store. Vendors can also pay for higher rankings and link their company websites to their Alibaba store.

Alibaba allows sellers to list their products on its platform and is considered an excellent platform for business-to-business sales. According to Web FX, they offer two different options to businesses. The basic plan costs $2399 per year, while the premium plan is $4199 for the same length. The plans include shipping and receiving of products, listing, and data analysis. This is a huge perk, as most other online platforms charge their customers a percentage or fee for each online item that they sell. Smaller at-home sellers may prefer to pay a percentage as they go, but Alibaba is ideal for established businesses because it is easier to predict their annual marketing costs. This is significant because companies must value these thresholds before seeking business partners.

Exceptional Treatment of Workers

No business can be successful without its employees, and Alibaba’s employees report excellent job satisfaction. When asked about working conditions on the website Quora, workers stated that the pay was high and that their employer provided a genuine team atmosphere. Alibaba also has five offices in the United States with many international employees. Its American workers report loving the perks they receive from Alibaba, like free meals and taxi service for working late.  

The company has full benefits such as paid vacation time and insurance benefits. Employees say the firm truly values employee safety and the safety of customers’ information. It makes sure people are not overworked and that the office is well lit and safe. Both the U.S. and China offer a form of worker’s compensation for their employees. In the United States, all companies are legally required to carry employee-based worker’s comp insurance. In China, these benefits are state-funded as part of the social insurance system, and employers are expected to provide direct avenues to these services. Alibaba has very few accidents and fully provides for its employees through these programs whenever necessary.

An Outstanding Investment

According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, China will soon be the world leader in technology, moving past the United States. They have created exceptional 5G technology and maintain wildly successful e-commerce platforms that continue to impress worldwide. Alibaba is a competitor of the American E-commerce platform Amazon and both are giants in the industry. About 80% of China’s online shopping is done on this platform; comparatively, about 40% of American online purchases are made on Amazon. 

The stock sky-rocketed in early 2022. According to Barrons, the company’s sudden stock jump is the result of expert valuation. The stock dipped slightly in late 2021 but has since made an excellent comeback. The resilience of its business model makes it a stable pick for long-term investors. Experts believe that the company will continue to be profitable as business-to-business e-commerce becomes more common.

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