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NetEase Announces Latest Game Innovations at Product Launch Event

Diablo® Immortal TM will be released in China on June 23, with over 15 million players already registered.

Hot titles such as Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, and NARAKA: BLADEPOINT have received updates. 

NetEase, one of China’s largest internet and online gaming service providers, announced today content upgrades and future plans for more than 50 of its existing and upcoming titles. These new demos and improvements were announced during NetEase’s 2022 Annual Product Launch event on Friday, May 20, 2022, and included both PC and mobile games across a number of genres for the Chinese and global markets. 

NetEase has set its eyes on the global market, with more than 20 years of successful operations in China and a fast-rising user base abroad in recent years, and is rapidly extending the distribution of its diversified, high-quality game portfolio to excite the player community worldwide.

NetEase has considerably increased its efforts to cooperate with prominent game creators from many cultural backgrounds, further boosting its worldwide R&D skills. NetEase recently established its first studio in the United States, Jackalope Games, and expanded its presence in Japan with the opening of the Nagoshi Studio in Tokyo earlier this year. Both studios are dedicated to providing exciting NetEase games to the most popular platforms. 

The following are some of the event’s highlights: 

  • For the second year in a row, NetEase conducted “NetEase Connect 2022” events in English and Japanese, inviting prominent game creators Toshihiro Nagoshi and Goichi Suda to reveal their new studio designs after joining NetEase.
  • Diablo® ImmortalTM will be released on June 23 in China, according to NetEase. Players were taken to the Sanctuary battlefield, where demons abound and only the courageous survive, thanks to an amazing premiere trailer. Diablo® ImmortalTM has achieved 15 million pre-registrations in China across all platforms.
  • For its flagship products Fantasy Westward Journey, Westward Journey, Onmyoji series, Invincible, New Ghost, LifeAfter, Justice, and Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, NetEase revealed plans for exciting new expansion packs, e-sports competitions, IP crossovers, and carnival events. 
  • In addition, the company released updates for several pipeline titles in both domestic and international markets, including mobile versions of Justice and NARAKA: BLADEPOINT, Eggy Party (a casual game), Dead by Daylight Mobile-NetEase (a multiplayer horror and action game), Roar of War (a real-time strategy game), Mission Zero (a 2v4 competitive stealth game), Tank Company (a multiplayer online tank shooting game), Lost Light (a survival shooting game), Tank Company (a multiplayer online tank shooting game) (a tactical competition game). 
  • NetEase announced intentions to collaborate with non-profit groups on Minecraft in order to provide gamers with pleasant gaming experiences while also fostering cultural and scientific learning. 

Last Updated on 2022/05/21

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