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How to succeed running a half marathon

Running is a sport that has captivated a massive public, because it may be considered a gateway into a lifestyle where only sports can take you. Anyone can put on some sneakers and start running at their own pace. Even if it is just walking fast.

Running has become mainstream to the point where there are sites for sport betting in China. Nowadays, for example, the sport betting sites are not only offering USA or European sports such as the NBA, now its population can bet on the Chinese Super Ligue. Within the options the fans can bet 1×2 or the correct scores. However, now many sites include betting portals for athletic sports such as running. You can place bets on your favourite runners and make a profit while at it. It doesn’t matter if you are not in the Asian countries, you can do all from your phone or tablet. That’s how big this running thing has become.

So, once you get good at running you can test yourself by participating a half marathon, and in this article, we will give you some bullet points to keep in mind while jumping on board of this adventure.

To prepare for this demanding test – the traditional race includes a 21-kilometre route, to which an alternative of 10 kilometres is added – not everything goes. Precisely to avoid errors in the preparation and subsequent performance of the test, several factors must be taken into account.


The clothing that you are going to wear for the day of the competition must be clothing that you have already tried before in training or in another competition and that you know is comfortable and does not cause any chafing. By clothing we mean that you have tried absolutely everything you are going to wear that day in the competition: gloves, earmuffs, cap, socks, sleeves, compression stockings, thermal shirt, tank tops, tights, shorts, tops, panties to compete.


Many people think that the more you train, the better you will run. It is true that to perform you have to train, but without going overboard. The body has to assimilate the work you are doing. If you go too far and don’t assimilate it, then you will enter a state of fatigue and overtraining. So many times, less is more.


It is very important to be well hydrated during your preparation and on the day of the test. Proper hydration will help you recover better from training, eliminate toxins, and prevent cramps and contractures. Hydration in the race is something that is also prepared by training. Remember to drink slowly, without haste and in small quantities.


Both in your preparation and on the day of the test, breakfast is one of the sacred meals. It is true that on the day of the test, especially if it is very early, with the early start and the nerves, you are still not very hungry, but you have to have breakfast. Don’t try new things, have breakfast that you know is good for you and won’t give you digestion problems.


Nothing to do a half marathon two weeks before or the week before to know if you can last the distance on the day of your competition. The training plan you have carried out so far is the one that will prepare you for that day. Doing experiments like this will only cause you fatigue that you will not recover well. Reserve all your strength, energy and desire for that day.


Neutral, unscented Vaseline should be a must in your pre-race prep routine. It will help you not to get blisters on your feet or chafing on your body from clothing. On your feet you spread it all over the sole of your foot and between your toes. Once spread, you put on your socks. The same to avoid chafing. Even if you have tried the clothes, there are times that due to sweat or long-distance races, that some of the clothes can cause chafing. To avoid this, put Vaseline on all the edges of your clothes that rub against your body; i.e. groin, armpits, thighs, nipples, etc.


Taking gels are good in long-distance events, but what you can’t do is take all the ones in the box that day. The gels that you are going to take you have had to try before and know that they suit you. Do not experience the day of the test! Then come the stomach problems. The same goes for caffeine gels.


You can take running as far as you want. This is fantastic for newcomers as it is a welcoming sport and you felt that you have achieved something from day one. Besides, you do not need expensive gear or a team to get going. So, with these tips you have everything you need to begin your healthy life!

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