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The Oldest Sports in China Which Are Popular Nowadays

If you manage to visit China, you will see that this nation especially treats sports.

Their love for sports has a historical background and dates back to ancient times. Many other nations have borrowed their techniques and adjusted to their realities. If you wake up early in the morning and stroll through any Chinese city, you will notice that many parks and courtyards are equipped with sports grounds, where locals do gymnastics, often with martial arts elements, or they can jog, dance, and work out. Besides, one should mention their respectful attitude towards their country’s past and their ancestors in particular, so it is not surprising they maintain old traditions and go in for sports that were popular several centuries ago. Even though many young people have left their homeland, they continue to adhere to their country’s principles and traditions. So, what are the oldest sports in China that are still popular today?


You may not have expected to see it on such a list, but ancient China was the place of its origin. In general, if a game supposes the presence of a ball, the chances are high that it will be popular in China. They say there is proof that the Chinese played this sport as early as 1000 BC. Later references dated back to 205 BC and the first centuries AD. They called football Tsu’Chu that could be directly translated as “to kick a ball made of soft leather.” In 2004, FIFA recognized that the Chinese version of football is the oldest.

The modern Chinese national football team does not have high results in the international arena and took part in the world championship only once in 2002. They did not show any special skills but gave hope to their fans. Almost 300 million Chinese watched their team during the tournament. People like to play football and watch it. And while young people can turn to such services as essayservice to get their papers done on time and have more free time for their favorite activity, you should master time management skills. About 680 million people are interested in football, which is the largest audience in the world. All cafes and restaurants in the country are crowded during the World and European Championships. 


As early as 4000 BC in China, gymnastic exercises were used for medicinal purposes. Chinese books of those times indicated that the Chinese practiced special exercises twice a day regularly. A famous saying claims that flexibility of mind and body is inseparable, so it is not surprising that calisthenics is one of China’s most popular and favorite activities nowadays. Many people are used to the fact that the Chinese are one of the largest populations, but most don’t know that they are also one of the world’s most athletic nations. Every second person is engaged in sports that are most suitable for body and soul. Some gather in parks and conduct taijiquan breathing exercises. Others practice calisthenics at home or a stadium, and even older generations can work out on the horizontal bars on every corner. It is a great thing to do gymnastic exercises during the day, especially if you have a sedentary lifestyle. Thus, if you are a student, and you are overwhelmed with assignments, it is worth studying do my essay reviews to have more free time for practicing calisthenics or at least doing some stretching.


Martial arts can be called truly the oldest activity in China. There are many varieties, and the most ancient of which is more than two thousand years old. They changed over time and acquired new methods, techniques, rules, and secrets, so the world has got a chance to see new schools and directions.

The art of wushu, which is often identified with kung fu, appeared at the crossroads of two eras. It is about hand-to-hand combat, which has its own rules and techniques: punches and kicks, jumps, attacks, the ability to neutralize the enemy by grabbing and knocking them over.

Traditional Chinese Wushu is closely related to traditional Chinese medicine, focusing on the connection between man and nature, harmony of the Universe, and unity. There is no other sport except traditional Chinese wushu that could be practiced from the earliest years to late old age. Due to the complexity of wushu, it can be practiced at both 8 and 90 years to benefit health.


It is not a secret that Chinese martial arts have a tight connection with religion. Since ancient times, Buddhist and Taoist monks have been the best health practitioners and excellent fighters. Talking about the Shaolin monks, they have gained world fame as the most skillful martial arts masters.

Shaolin Monastery is open to the public. Students come here from different corners of the globe to take some lessons from the best masters of qigong style. And if you want to join their ranks, it is worth examining a review to free up your schedule. Here you can learn various meditation techniques that are extremely popular in China. Modern Chinese continue to practice this martial art since it has a positive influence on body and soul.

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