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Hong Kong overwhelmed by the Covid ‘onslaught,’ Carrie Lam says

Last Updated on 2022/02/14

Hong Kong overwhelmed by the Covid ‘onslaught,’ Carrie Lam says

Hong Kong’s capacity has been overwhelmed by the Covid ‘onslaught,’ according to the leader.

As the number of cases rises, Carrie Lam said her administration will engage with Chinese officials to tackle the “worrying” issue.

As daily cases soar to record highs, Hong Kong’s leader, Carrie Lam, has declared an “onslaught” of Covid-19 infections has delivered a tremendous blow and overloaded ability to deal with the virus.

According to The Guardian, over the last two weeks, daily infections have increased by a factor of 13, from roughly 100 cases at the beginning of February to a high of 2,071 on February 14, with authorities scrambling to keep the outbreak under control. On Tuesday, the number is projected to more than double, with the announcement of another 4,730 preliminary positive cases.

On Monday, Lam stated that her government would work with Chinese officials.
“The onslaught of the fifth wave of the epidemic has dealt a heavy blow to Hong Kong and overwhelmed the city’s capacity of handling. The situation is highly undesirable and the government feels worried and sorry about it.”, Carrie Lam said.

Her senior officials will work with the central government to improve Hong Kong’s testing and isolation facilities, as well as secure supplies like as fast antigen kits, protective gear, and fresh produce, she said.

The Chinese enclave reported 1,347 new illnesses on Sunday, down from a high of 1,347 on Saturday, but authorities say the spread of 2,000 more suspected cases poses a threat to the territory’s already overburdened healthcare system.

There were almost 3,600 people in the hospital, with isolation beds at 90% occupancy. There were ten patients in critical condition. On Monday, four elderly men were also reported dead.

Authorities are now treating all preliminary positives as cases for admission to hospital or isolation, due to a “vast amount of specimens” taken from the mass compulsory testing drives. About 1,000 preliminary positive results from Sunday have yet to be confirmed, and authorities are now treating all preliminary positives as cases for admission to hospital or isolation.

However, because of the rise of patients, Lam said there were also delays in getting them into isolation. Authorities announced on Monday afternoon that a hotline will be set up for anybody affected.

Since the pandemic began, Hong Kong has registered 25,051 cases, with around 11,700 of those occurring in the fifth wave, which began in December. By the end of March, medical experts predict 28,000 daily infections, with the unvaccinated elderly being particularly vulnerable.

According to Larry Lee, top manager of the city’s Hospital Authority, Hong Kong prioritizes elderly people, children, and those in critical circumstances in hospitals.

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