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Recent NordVPN study shows that the Taiwanese spend almost half of their life on the internet

Last Updated on 2021/11/29

Taiwanese people spend 33 years, 9 months, and 16 days of their life online

A new survey by the leading virtual private network provider NordVPN revealed that the Taiwanese spend 33 years, 9 months, and 16 days of their life online. Compared to the average life expectancy, which is 80.7 years in Taiwan, it is almost half of their lives.

During a typical week, Taiwanese people spend a bit over 70 hours using the internet, which is the equivalent of almost three days. This amounts to 152 days a year, or almost 34 years of a lifetime.

Out of those 70 hours per week, almost 24 hours are spent working, while the remaining almost 46 hours are spent on various online activities.

The average time the Taiwanese start browsing the internet each day is 9.11 AM — and they don’t log off until 10.17 PM.

The biggest amount of time spent watching YouTube

The biggest amount of Taiwanese people’s time per week — 10 hours and 17 minutes — is spent watching videos on YouTube. Three hours less — 7 hours and 16 minutes — are spent scrolling through social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Line.

A further 6 hours and 34 minutes a week are dedicated to streaming TV shows and films on platforms like Netflix, Line TV, iQIYI, and Disney+, while 4 hours and 27 minutes are spent shopping online.

Besides that, 4 hours and 17 minutes a week are devoted to listening to music on Spotify, KKBox, and other similar platforms. 4 hours and 32 minutes are spent on gaming, while the other 3 hours and 1 minute are spent on life administration like online banking.

“Most of us seek to ease and enrich our daily lives with a bunch of various online platforms and services, but barely anyone thinks about the online security and privacy of the data provided to apps and websites.

Long hours spent on the internet only signal about the increased risk of becoming another cyber criminal’s victim, especially since the current global circumstances make them even more active,” comments Daniel Markuson, a digital privacy expert at NordVPN.

Taiwanese people are active giving away their personal information

The survey shows that almost 51% of Taiwanese people cannot imagine their day without the internet. They rely on the internet for the majority of their hobbies, and such a dependency forces them to share a lot of their sensitive information.

Among the most publicly disclosed details are names and surnames (66.8%), date of birth (68%), full address (53.4%), job title (34.1%), national insurance number (33.9%) as well as likes, dislikes (25.6%), and relationship status (22.2%).

Additionally, every fifth Taiwanese user publicly disclosed pictures of their family (20.1%) and bank details (19.8%).

After being asked what they would give up for their personal information to be permanently deleted from the internet, Taiwanese users mentioned drinking alcohol (30.7%), playing video games (21.9%), or eating desserts (14.5%).

“Today, the majority of our lives can be conducted online — from making payments to entertaining ourselves with TV shows and games. And that’s why we should pay special attention to online cyber threats.

Tailored messages creating a sense of urgency, a suspicious or unknown sender, poor language, fishy attachments and links—- these are the first signs of a scam to watch out for. Only open attachments from the people you trust. If there are any doubts, do not hesitate to discuss the case with your colleagues and friends,” warns Daniel Markuson, a digital privacy expert at NordVPN.

Methodology: The survey was commissioned by NordVPN and conducted by the external company Norstat on September 19-26, 2021. The survey’s target group was residents of Taiwan aged 18-55, and the sample was taken from national internet users. Quotas were placed on age, gender, and place of residence.

Time spent online during a typical week:

Online shopping – 4 hours 27 minutes
Streaming TV shows/films – 6 hours 34 minutes
Social media – 7 hours 16 minutes
Listening to music – 4 hours 17 minutes
Watching videos – 10 hours 17 minutes
Life admin – 3 hours 1 minute
Researching – 2 hours 22 minutes
Video calls – 2 hour 25 minutes
Gaming – 4 hours 32 minutes
Following classes/tutorials – 2 hour 35 minutes
Looking up recipes – 1 hour 50 minutes
Working – 20 hours 25 minutes
= 70 hours 17 minutes 

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