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Remote Farming: Driverless Vehicles and Agricultural Robots in China

Through driverless technology, big data, 5G, satellite navigation, motion control technologies, and neural network learning, robots can be used in several complex work scenarios.

A Chinese startup, Qingdao Webull Intelligent Technology has created some prototypes of driverless, remotely guided tractors and other agricultural machines. Increasing agricultural production efficiency has become a vital challenge for the industry globally.

The company says that the synergy between its cloud platform, driverless vehicles, and robot work will be able to modernize the way work is done.

Webull Intelligent Technology based in Qingdao, Shandong Province develops and researches unmanned agricultural robots.

What is remote farming?

Remote farming means monitoring and managing the farm through Internet. Through the online platform, it is possible to give instructions and control the vehicles.

An agricultural robot can perform unmanned management of the whole process of the farmland, such as spraying, weeding, and harvesting, up to replace 70% of manual labor, according to the manufacturer company. The platform also can collect real-time data to provide accurate support on all aspects of agricultural production.

The harvesting robots are equipped with various modules and sensors to process information about the surrounding environment. The one-handed harvesting speed is 8 seconds/piece and the recovery rate is close to 80%.

The driverless vehicle of the Webull Tank series adopts a crawler chassis with electric drive, a water tank capacity of 900 liters, a driving speed of 0-6 km/h, and is suitable for standardized orchard spraying, mowing, transportation, harvesting, and plant data collection.

Last year, the company donated 30 disinfectant robots to six hospitals in the cities of Qingdao and Rizhao.


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