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A Chinese company uses a robot sorting system to finish 200,000 packages a day

An army of little orange robots at the sorting station of Shentong Express Delivery (STO), a Chinese delivery firm, is able to identify the package destination through a code-scan, eliminating sorting mistakes.

The robots help the company to finish at least 200,000 packages a day. They are self-charging and operational 24/7. 

An STO Express spokesman told the South China Morning Post that the company is using the robots in two centres in Hangzhou. Then, they want to start using them across the country, especially in their bigger stations. According to the company, the new robots sorting system is saving around 70% of the costs a human-based sorting line would require.

Chinese manufacturers have been increasingly replacing human workers with machines.

The video shows Hikvision robots working in the large warehouse in Hangzhou, Zhenjiang province.