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Top Chinese Mobile Brands

China’s electronics industry is widely recognized as one of the largest in the world.

Over the years, the Chinese technology industry has refined and specialized in the production of high-end smartphones.

Smartphones in China have led to the arrival of a real social and technological revolution, and now it is no longer possible to lead a normal life, without the aid of an electronic device of this type, required to carry out a series of tasks even bureaucratic and economic.

But let’s take a closer look at the best Chinese smartphone brands.

Which mobile company is from China?

The following companies are from China:

Coolpad (Subsidiary of LeEco)
Honor (Sub-brand of Huawei)
Lenovo (Hong Kong)
Ningbo Bird
OnePlus (Subsidiary of BBK)
Oppo (Subsidiary of BBK)
Realme (Subsidiary of BBK)
TCL Corporation
Technology Happy Life
Tecno Mobile
Vivo (Subsidiary of BBK)
X-tigi Mobile (Hong Kong)
Zopo Mobile
ZUK Mobile

China’s Largest Top Smartphone Companies In 2020

Huawei (Huawei & Honor)


Huawei (华为) is a Chinese multinational company headquartered in Shenzhen and it designs, develops, and sells telecommunications equipment, consumer electronics, and smartphones.

In recent years, Huawei has been in the eye of the storm due to its ties to the Chinese government and has been sanctioned and banned from building 5G networks in many Western countries. In 2020 Huawei became the leading mobile smartphone brand in the world, having surpassed Samsung Electronics which had a drop in sales in the second quarter of 2020, due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Official site

BBK (Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, Realme, iQOO)

OnePlus 8T

BBK (广东步步高电子工业有限公司) is a Chinese multinational company specializing in consumer electronics and markets smartphones under the Oppo, Realme, Vivo, OnePlus brands. BBK is headquartered in Chang’an, Donguan, Guangdong Province. In 2017 BBK Electronics shipped 56.7 million smartphones becoming the 2nd largest smartphone manufacturer in the world that year.

Xiaomi (Mi, Pocophone, RedMi)

Mi 10T Pro

Xiaomi (小米集团) is a Chinese multinational company founded in April 2010 and headquartered in Beijing. Besides smartphones, Xiaomi produces mobile apps, laptops, bags, shoes, consumer electronics, and more. The company is among the top 5 smartphone manufacturers in the world and is the world’s 4th most valuable technology start-up after receiving US$1.1 billion funding from investors, making Xiaomi’s valuation more than US$46 billion.

Official site

Lenovo (Motorola)

Motorola Razr

Lenovo (联想集团有限公司) is a Chinese multinational technology company headquartered in Beijing. Lenovo designs, develops, and sells laptops, tablets, smartphones, servers, supercomputers, etc, and is the world’s largest personal computer vendor by unit sales as of July 2020. In 2014, Lenovo acquired Motorola from Google and three years later acquired Fujitsu’s personal computer business. Due to some confusion in the management of the Motorola brand, Lenovo has not quite managed to capitalize on its leading position until now.

TCL Corporation (Alcatel, Thomson, BlackBerry)

TCL 10 Pro – T799B

TCL Corporation is a Chinese multinational company headquartered in Huzhou, and develops, designs, and sells electronic products including television sets, air conditioners, and mobile phones. TCL primarily sells its products under the following brand names: Alcatel, Thomson, BlackBerry (TCL stopped manufacturing BlackBerry devices on August 31, 2020, as its contract expired, with the last Blackberry-TCL phone being the Blackberry Key2LE).

Official site


Like Huawei, ZTE (中兴通讯), headquartered in Shenzhen, has also come under criticism in the United States for its ties to the Chinese government. In recent years, the brand has been overtaken by other Chinese brands but remains one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the country.

Last Updated on 2020/11/09

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