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Hong Kong: pro-democracy media tycoon Jimmy Lai arrested under the new national security law

Hong Koong tycoon Jimmy Lai, known for his support for the democratic movement and his criticism of the Chinese government, was arrested by local police for “colluding” with foreign forces.

Beijing’s controversial new national security law in Hong Kong introduced the new crime.

According to business partner Mark Simon, Jimmy Lai, he was arrested on Monday morning.

Jimmy Lai is a Hong Kong billionaire who founded the Apple Daily newspaper in 1995. Initially, the newspaper was mainly devoted to gossip and other light news, but after 1997, after the hand over, the newspaper gradually took a more critical attitude towards the local government and China. Lai is also close to American conservative circles.

To date, 7 men have been arrested on this charge, according to which the accused have indulged in acts of conspiracy with foreign forces to undermine national security and commit fraud.

According to a police spokesperson, the investigation is still ongoing, and more people will likely be arrested.

Among those arrested there are many executives of Apple Daily, the newspaper owned by Jimmi Lai and close to pro-democracy circles.

Jimmy Lai has strong contacts with Washington and has actively worked for the US government to take a tougher line against China.

Jimmy Lai was also arrested earlier this year in correlation with the last August protests in Hong Kong.

His arrest came after US sanctions against Hong Kong governor Carrie Lam, and 10 other Chinese and Hong Kong officials.

Hong Kong Journalists Association spokesman Chris Yeung expressed his concern by stating that no one, until a couple of months ago, could have imagined that media newsrooms could be searched.

Last Updated on 2021/06/30

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