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China hit by heavy floods

Every year, during the summer, the south of China is affected by heavy and continuous rains resulting in widespread floods.

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The floods this year began on June 4, 2020, with the arrival of the rainy season.

This year the rains have been particularly violent due to the periodic climate phenomenon El Niño and the increasing vapor coming from the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean.

In June, 744,000 people were displaced as a result of the floods, and 88 people died or were missing in 26 provinces.

In the first weeks of July, the situation worsened, with 141 victims and more than 38 million people affected by the disaster. According to the Ministry of Water Resources, 443 rivers across the country have flooded, of which 33 have recorded the highest levels ever recorded.

The most affected regions are Guizhou, Guangxi, Sichuan, Hubei, Chongqing, Anhui, Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Hunan, Fujian, and Yunnan.

Many local highways have been stopped, many flights have been delayed and many scenic spots have been closed.

The reservoir of the Three Gorges reserve in the central province of Hubei in recent days was reached by the second flood of the Yangtze River in 2020.

On Saturday the flow of incoming water reached 61,000 cubic meters per second, while the outgoing flow was 33,000 cubic meters per second, with 45% of the flood water retained in the reservoir, according to China Three Gorges Corporation.

Three gates of the Three Gorges dam have been opened to discharge the floodwaters, with various parameters of the dam at safe levels.

This flood cycle is expected to recede after the peak on Saturday.

A new series of floods will arrive around July 21st.

It is currently under the control of the Three Gorges Dam water control system which according to the criteria appears inadequate to manage extreme conditions.


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