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China In Transition

China in Transition is a compilation of 10 case studies on how Chinese companies are breaking the mould.

By CKGSB Case Center, Earnshaw Books 2019

From traditional companies—like Huawei and Midea—that have transitioned through mergers and acquisitions, to other enterprises—such as Haier and HLA—that have evolved by embracing internet technologies and new business models, this book explores how private Chinese companies have changed to sustain growth and even serve as a roadmap for companies elsewhere looking to adapt to the interconnected new economy.

With its pulse on the Chinese economy, this book also looks at start-ups, like Ucommune, Tujia and Alibaba’s Hema Fresh, which are adapting and localizing ideas for China, while innovating beyond the original concept to create a better model for the new business ecosystem.

Addressing financing of businesses, the book examines how Qihoo 360 leveraged American and Chinese capital markets, while Alibaba’s Ant Financial leveraged the Internet, to redefine funding and open up new opportunities for businesses. Finally, it highlights how a non-profit institution, Adream Foundation, rethinks charity and education by integrating business management models in its social work.

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