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The Biggest Transfer Deadline Deals That Never Happened

Not all football transfer deals work out. Here’s a list of those that just didn’t happen. 

The transfer period in football is always exciting. This window of time is used to buy, swap and sell players between the different clubs. Legends are forged, new chapters are started, and there is a palpable sense of anticipation as we find out who wound up where. These deals are always the talk of the town, as professionals from all across the world weigh in on what each sale or purchase means for the clubs and the player involved. 

But perhaps what’s even more interesting is the transfers which didn’t take place. There are a lot of premier league transfer deals which simply didn’t happen, and they speak volumes about the season we could have seen. Let’s take a look at those here and now, just to find out what nearly became history. 

Man Utd and Chelsea – Edinson Cavani

First up on the list is Edinson Cavani. A hopeful for the matches of the Premier Leagues, both Manchester United and Chelsea made plays for this guy. 

He’s definitely got a lot of promise and was known to be worth £25 million for the Parc des Princes management, and despite the best efforts of both major British clubs there was very little hope, as the window closed before anyone could secure his services. 

Perhaps Cavani will fulfill his own private dream of going to play in Spain. As we edge closer to the summer, we’ll no doubt see if this powerful player will get to go and play where he wanted, or whether he’d have been better off fighting in the premier league.

Chelsea – Dries Mertens

Chelsea made some definite power plays during the transfer window, as they were also linked to Dries Mertens. However, they picked their moment a little too late in the window and this was always going to work against them. 

It’s no secret that Chelsea are looking for a powerful striker at the moment, which explains their initial interest on Cavani as well as Dries Mertens, and the latter does have a contract which is soon to expire too, putting his current club in a position where selling might have had to happen. 

But, alas, it wasn’t to be. The window ran out before Chelsea could get the players they needed, so until the summer rolls around, the Blues are sadly out of luck. 

Newcastle – Olivier Giroud

Chelsea weren’t the only ones to run into issues during the transfer window. Newcastle also had problems when they attempted to secure Olivier Giroud, a French player who was known for a keen desire to break into league football over here in the U.K. 

They didn’t have as much success as they would have liked, however, as the Frenchman came with a set of steep financial demands. He had a loan fee as well as some pretty competitive ideas about his salary, which meant that Newcastle just couldn’t justify that kind of money on a single player. 

It’s a shame too because the club would have benefitted from a fresh intake in their roster. Olivier Giroud himself is currently eying up a spot in the Euro 2020 crowd however, so there’s potentially a justifiable reason why Newcastle couldn’t quite sign him. 

Tottenham – Krzysztof Piatek

Tottenham, already struggling from the effective loss of Harry Kane, needed some fresh blood to keep the fans happy and bolster their forces. So they decided to take a look at procuring the services of Krzysztof Piatek. This did not go as well as was hoped, however, and instead they wound up with not much. 

Their strategy of trying to secure players cheaply didn’t pay dividends here, and they lost the player who moved to a different club. It was not a good play, and potentially will lead to some problems for the club further down the line – they’re not popular with the fans at the moment anyway, so this might not go over well. 

Overall, these are some of the most incredible transfers that just didn’t happen. You’d think that these losses would shape the landscape quite a bit, but we just can’t know that yet. It’s not easy to try and figure out how the potential lost transfers will shape the environment, but there’s something different for everyone to think about here. There will be consequences to what’s gone on, and there’s no doubt about that, but at the same time it will be pretty interesting to stop and see how everything will play out. Will certain teams do poorly for having not been able to get fresh blood in? What happens when people decide that they need to make a chance during the next window? It’s all waiting for people to discover and that is, to be honest, quite interesting to watch. 

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