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Coronavirus in China: 15152 new cases and 254 deaths in one day

During a press conference, the Chinese government said that 15,152 new cases and 254 other deaths were reported yesterday.

These numbers have also increased because a new methodology has been adopted.

The total death toll reached 1367, while 59,804 were infected, according to official data from the Chinese government.

A spokeswoman for the Shanghai Health Commission said the new methodology has only been adopted in Hebei province and has so far not been adopted by other provinces.

Previously, infections were confirmed only by the nucleic acid test, but this method is rather slow.

Health authorities in Hubei have currently adopted CT scans which can diagnose the virus more quickly, looking for revealing traces of the typical pneumonia lesions.

The Chinese foreign ministry also confirmed that there are no cases of other foreigners infected with viruses.

Meanwhile, the first economic consequences are being felt on the automotive market in China, where sales plummeted 18% in January.

Another 44 people on the Diamond Princess cruise ship have tested positive for the coronavirus, 218 out of 3700 passengers are currently infected, according to data reported by the Japanese health minister.

Source image: xinhua

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