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5 Tips to Choose University in China

After high-school, life carries on and all students go their separate ways to pursue different endeavors.

While some may have dreams of getting into an Ivy League university, some would like to relocate and study in China because of high-class education system development there.

Some may have been forced by circumstances to move, for example, when parents get a job in China, they need to study there. Whatever the situation may be, you still need to get a high-quality education and that affects your decision-making process of choosing a university. More importantly, finding a university that will help you meet your goals is very important.

How can you choose the perfect university in China? Here are five tips to help you through that process.

Preferences come first

When you leave home and go study abroad, you’re entitled to being happy and having your preferences. When looking for a university, each one has to put his own preferences and interests first. Are there cities you would like to live in? Or do you have a university already in mind?

If that’s the case, start considering and investigating if it would be fit for you to study in that particular region. For example, if you left home intending to study at the University of Hong Kong, make that dream a reality. Study the demographics of the surrounding neighborhood and where you will live.

Once you have found a university to go to, you will need a lot of help when you’re still settling in. Edubirdie AU can help you by doing all your college essays during that tough time. The other writing work that you can get from the writing services is thesis, dissertation, and term papers.


Check the ranking of each university you’re interested in

The next part of searching for a university is going through each of them individually. Going through rankings is the best way to do that because that is where you discover the best universities in the area you’re searching in.

To find the annual rankings of Chinese universities, visit Project 211 and Project 985 to get the list of the best universities in China. Once you have made the shortlist, go through the profile of each university to find the top China academy.

How much are you willing to pay?

Before making any applications to universities in China, try to figure out the costs of each university. Will it be affordable for you to live comfortably and have some contingency funds? If not, continue searching to find a more affordable university.

At this point, you need to budget for everything, more especially the costs of living you will incur. The preferred city will have a great impact on this because each region differs in terms of cost of living. When living in inland China you will incur lower costs than in coastal cities.

What the university has to offer

The first thing you need to make sure of when choosing a university is if they use English as the language of instruction. It won’t be beneficial to pay for a university and then sit in class as all you hear is literally a foreign language.

If you are a foreign student in China, you need some pro tips. Whether you are from some non-English speaking European country or English-speaking countries like America or Australia, learning Chinese takes time.

When you’re planning on staying for a while in China, it may be beneficial to learn the language and culture. Beijing Language and Culture University is one of the best in the field and with their experience, a student will get a high-quality education.

The culture of the region the university is in

The culture of the region of the university you are aspiring for plays an important role. You wouldn’t want to feel left out in a place where you are bound to feel homesick. It may be great to grab a good old nice American burger rather than the Chinese food you aren’t accustomed to.

Maybe living in an area with a few of the things you’re used to will do tons of good. If you would like to submerge yourself in the culture, research what type of Chinese culture you would like.


China, in essence, is a great place to live with low costs of living in some areas and their education system is very good. Although that is true, going in blind is not beneficial at all, you need to account for everything that an expat might encounter there. Most importantly, you also should ensure that your paperwork is to avoid deportation. With these tips above, finding the perfect affordable should not be that hard.

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