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Origin: “Farewell to Perfect Du” (许渊冲大师翻译), in Song of the Immortals: An Anthology of Classical Chinese Poetry, trans. Yuanchong Xu (Penguin Books, 1994), p. 37.

Hai nei cun zhi ji,
Tian ya ruo bi lin.

If you’ve a friend who knows your heart,
Distance can’t keep you two apart.

“The Prince’s Anji” (王子安集) is a collection of poems written by Wang Bo (王勃, 650–676), a poet of the Tang Dynasty. He died at the age of 26, possibly from drowning, while going to Jiaozhi to meet his father. He advocated a style rich in emotions.

You leave the town walled far and wide,
For mid-veiled land by riverside.
I feel on parting sad and drear,
For both of us are strangers here.
If you have friends who know your heart,
Distance cannot keep you apart.
At crossroads where we bid adieu,
Do not shed tears as women do!

初唐四杰 王勃 杨炯 卢照邻 骆宾王


in 《王子安集》

Featured image: Landscape by Xiang Shengmo 項聖謨 (1597-1658)
Source: Jianshu


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If you like this article, please help us by making a donation so that we can continue our work. Please help keep us independent.