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China opens educational Mars base in the Gobi Desert

Last Updated on 2020/12/06

On Wednesday, an educational park was inaugurated not far from Jinchang, in the Gobi desert, with the aim of showing students and tourists what life might be like on a base on Mars.

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According to Ecns, this project, the C-Space Project Mars Base, is located 40 kilometers from the city of Jinchang, in the Gobi desert, in the northwestern part of the Gansu province, and occupies an area of ​​about 1100 square meters.

The location was chosen to simulate the landscape as much as possible and the harsh living conditions on Mars.

The complex consists of a silver dome and nine modules, including areas for daily activities, control rooms, greenhouses, laboratories.

“Mars Base 1” is an important part of the C- Space Project.

The project is divided into three phases.

The Mars Survival Simulation Base (Startup Zone) currently in existence was used for the popular entertainment show “Space Challenge”.

At the moment the structure is for schools, but the company behind the project plans to open to visitors next year, adding a hotel and a theme restaurant.

Source: ecns , baidu , tellerchina

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