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Tensions between China and Taiwan grow after warplane incursion

On Sunday, two Chinese J-11 warplanes entered Taiwan’s territorial waters for about 10 minutes.

Taiwan government accused China of making a provocative move.

According to Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense, China “seriously damaged stability in the region “.

Huang Chung-yen, a spokesman for the Taiwan presidential office, said that “should stop behavior of this sort, which endangers regional peace, and not be an international troublemaker.”

President Tsai Ing-wen had urged the army “to complete all the tasks on the preparation of the war,” he added.

In a post on Facebook that shows the Taiwanese leader giving orders over the phone, Tsai condemned the raids as a “provocative provocation to the regional security and stability “.

Tensions between China and Taiwan grow after warplane incursion“I have ordered the military to forcefully expel any incursions across the ‘median line’ immediately,” she wrote.

In recent years, China has repeatedly sent military aircraft and ships to encircle Taiwan during exercises and worked by island re the island internationally.

Beijing sees Taiwan as a rebellious Chinese province and has tried to bring the island under its control – by force, if necessary.

According to the risk consultancy agency Stratfor, the accident of Sunday is “one of the most serious combat aircraft raids of the People’s Liberation Army Air Force on the Taiwanese side of this century’s maritime border”.

Last Updated on 2019/04/03

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