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Baidu CEO: AI will weaken people’s dependence on smartphones in two decades

Robin Li, CEO, and co-founder of the search engine giant Baidu said during 2019 Internet Yuelu Summit, that Artificial Intelligence will play an increasingly dominant role in everyday life and that the dependence of people on their smartphone will decrease over the next two decades.

“Our living environment will be filled with all kinds of sensors and they will easily be able to respond to people’s requirements… in every industry there is great potential for the development of intelligent equipment and machines to learn more and more about the needs of people, and how to meet those needs,” said Li.

China has gradually begun to play an increasingly important role in the development of artificial intelligence and it is a pioneer in the sector thanks to the creation of increasingly refined software.

According to Robin Li, China will have to face very particular difficulties if compared with other parts of the world, therefore these difficulties will offer the possibility of finding innovative solutions and promoting technological development, allowing the country to lead the race to develop artificial intelligence from a privileged position.

Since it started in 2016, the summit, which takes its name from the historical and cultural mountain of Yuelu in the Hunan province, has become an important event to recognize the results of the sector and discover trends.

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