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Giant hornet with a wingspan of 9.35 cm found in China

Last Updated on 2020/12/06

A team of scientists from the Huaxi Insect Museum in Chengdu has discovered a giant hornet with a wingspan of 9.35 cm in the southwestern province of Yunnan.

Zhao Li, the curator of the Museum of Insects of Western China in the province of Sichuan, stated that the colony of Vespa Mandarina was found in the county of Pu’er, on the border with Burma.

Some specimens have a wingspan of 9.35 cm. The previous record-holding giant hornet has a wingspan as long as 7.6 cm.

The worker bee has a body length of 6 cm. Its beehive has an inside diameter of 2 meters.

Zhao claimed that they collected about 100 specimens of the hornet, which is thought to be a new subspecies.

The hornet is one of the world’s most dangerous insects, as it has a stinger as long as 6.35 millimeters, which has poison to trigger severe reactions.

There are over 5000 varieties of hornets in the world.


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