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Shots From the Hip by Daniel Reid

This is the long-awaited memoir of Daniel Reid, a world-renowned expert on consciousness, holistic medicine, and living life to the full.

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Unbound by convention and driven by a quest for new experiences on roads less-traveled, Dan takes us through the sex, drugs, and rock & roll scene of Late Sixties America to the opium dens, bars, and bordellos of far-flung Asian outposts, recounting his outlandish escapades in a rollicking narrative told with flair and candor.

About The Author

Daniel Reid is a bestselling author and leading expert on Eastern philosophy and holistic medicine.

He has written numerous books on various branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Taoist health and longevity practices.


“An engrossing, unvarnished memoir by my favorite Dharma bum.”
— Bill Porter, author of Road to Heaven

“Like toilet paper and the Bible, this is a paper product that belongs in every home.”
— Nick Tosches, author of Me and the Devil and The Last Opium Den

“For those who know Daniel Reid as the author of learned books on Chinese culture, Shots from the Hip may come as a surprise. This astonishing and gripping life story reveals a whole new side to the man in a frank account that embraces sex, drugs and a wild hippy youth spent in some of the world’s most exotic places.”
— Derek Davies, former editor-in-chief of Emphasis Publications in Hong Kong

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