Chinese satirical author Badiucao has just sent a #MWGA cap to Google Headquarters

badiucao-google-cap-#MWGA cap

Chinese political cartoonist, and rights activist Badiucao, has just delivered a special designed #MWGA (Make Wall Great Again) cap depicting Sundar Pichai to Google Headquarters for their great supporting to Chinese censorship.

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Badiucao is referring to the new disturbing Google Search Prototype for China, codenamed Dragonfly. The prototype has raised numerous concerns in the international media community. Not only it restricts the searches by following a blacklist of keywords provided by the Chinese censors but would directly link the searches to the phone number. The news was leaked thanks to an Intercept report released on September.

This and other works will be presented at his first solo exhibition in Hong Kong, Gongle.

Badiucao works has been featured by the Guardian and The Times, and he has been commissioned by HKFP, China Digital Times, and Amnesty International.


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