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Planet China Vol.02

Celebrating women who push boundaries – This second volume of Planet China is a collection of selected interviews with inspiring women that worked hard to reach their path and dreams.

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All these women are connected with China from all over the world. They moved around the world to reach their goals. International Women’s Day is a day for commemorates the movement for women’s rights. A day for remembering the past days in which women were not allowed to be their self, to think, to talk, to study, to vote etc … In some countries of the world, these problems still exist, for this reason, is important to have examples, a source of inspiration to help others women to follow their own desires, never stop fighting for what they believe. Engage to achieve goals in any field. Women can be everything they want to be.

Table of Contents

  • Anita Wong
    Modern and Tradition
  • Helen Feng
    Don’t settle for okay. . . be better
  • Zhuo Dan Ting
    China’s Queen of Tattoos
  • The Art of Min Liu
  • The fabulous of World of Qin Leng
  • Thierry Chow
    Feng Shui Master
  • Tang Min
    Ballet Mistress, Hong Kong Ballet
  • Yang Ruiqi
    Dancer, Hong Kong Ballet
  • Augusta Xu-Holland
    Between Art & Science
  • Chiara Ye
    Food photographer
  • Matina Cheung
    Teaching Yoga in Hong Kong
  • Heanney McCollum
    Personal Trainer
  • Elle Lee
    Style Blogger

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