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The Best Things To Do For Free When Travelling To China

Luckily for you, setting off on an adventure around the western Pacific Ocean packed full of new experiences and sights doesn’t have to break the bank.

Even though payday loans can help you in a financial emergency, such as a medical bill while you’re abroad, there are several places to visit and unmissable tourist attractions you can visit and enjoy completely free of charge, so your budget can remain intact. Find out the best things to do for free when travelling to China, below.

National Museum of China

Located on the eastern side of Tiananmen Square in Beijing, top treasures including “the Painted Pottery Basin with Human Face and Fish Design” and “the Jar Showing a Stork with a Fish” can be found in the National Museum of China. Home to all kinds of quirky and unique objects, the National Museum of China also holds large-scale exhibitions open to the public throughout the year. The exhibitions of Ancient Chinese Bronze Art, Ancient Buddhist Sculptures and Ancient Chinese Jade have particularly drawn countless travellers’ attentions.

Beijing Museum of Natural History

As the very first large-scale natural history museum founded in China, and one of the most popular, the Beijing Museum of Natural History is home to several collections and exhibitions including Animals, the Friends of Human Beings and Palaeontology. Available to visit for free, small children in particular can enjoy seeing the incredibly vivid and life-like models of animals, including giant dinosaurs and aquatic creatures. Open six days a week, with Monday being the exception, the Beijing Museum of Natural History boasts unmissable fun all weekend!

Beijing Theatre Museum

Dedicated to the incredible evolution of Beijing Opera, the Beijing Theatre Museum is a popular attraction. Originally built in 1807, the Beijing Theatre Museum boasts exquisite exhibits, including performing costumes worn by famous artists, and boasts a strong Peking opera atmosphere created using ancient-style Chinese decoration. You can also find rare antiques inside, providing you with a true insight into the evolution of Opera in this magnificent country.

798 Art Zone

If museums aren’t quite your thing, we strongly suggest visiting the 798 Art Zone. Located in Dashanzi Art District, 798 Art Zone is one of the most representative art zones that can be found in Beijing today. Boasting an array of exhibition halls and squares, you can rest assured that you will find something interesting to enjoy. Here, you can also find an array of dainty cafes and restaurants selling Chinese and Western food to fill your stomach before you set off to explore some more.

Ritan Park

Learning Taichi and flying kites has never been so tranquil! Parks across Beijing feature picturesque landscapes interrupted by the beauty of ancient Chinese buildings. At Ritan Park, you can witness and learn Chinese Tai Chi in the early morning. As an incredibly popular exercise amongst citizens and tourists alike, why not join the locals and learn Tai Chi the next time you visit China, completely free of charge!

China is an amazing country, and is certainly one that should be on every traveller’s bucket list. Should you decide to take the plunge and explore the beauty of China yourself, ensure you remember to visit these best free things to do when travelling to China.

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