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Why Are So Many Chinese Nationals Moving To Australia?

The People’s Republic of China is still viewed by many people in the Westas a vast manufacturing-focused communist state with an enormous population, but it’s much more than that.

Over the last quarter of a century China has transformed itself into the world’s largest exporter with one of the biggest GDPs and fastest growing economies with investments and interests in a host of countries.

Although China has been ruled by the Communist Party of China (CPC) since 1949, the communist China of then is a far cry from the communist China of today. While in the 1970s China’s economy was largely a closed one, it is now the world’s largest single exporter with foreign reserves in excess of US$3.11 trillion. China is also home to more billionaires than any other country, with over 650.

Annually Thousands of Chinese Citizens Apply for Australia

And while visually at least modern China seems to be moving further away from its communist roots judging by the fast and furious construction of new skyscrapers, developments and roadways, every year tens of thousands of Chinese citizens try to emigrate to Australia, some successfully, but most unsuccessfully. Which begs the question why are so many Chinese nationals moving to Australia?

Freedom, is the short answer. China may appear to be ‘westernising’ its ways, but free it is not being still a very much a communist state, at least where the bulk of its population is concerned. The high price of China’s impressive manufacturing and economic prowess is the constantly-widening chasm between China’s ruling class and its working class, or to put it another way, the rich and the poor.

Rising Population, Corruption and Pollution are Contributing Factors


Growing population in the world

Many of the excesses and freedoms enjoyed by the rich and subsequently powerful in China are a long way from filtering down to the poor, if at all. Add to that increasing corruption in the Chinese government, its constantly rising population, and continued exposure to dangerously high and increasing levels of pollution, and you have just a few reasons why its citizens are eyeing Australia.

Here are 8 of the most compelling reasons why citizens of China, and many other nations for that matter, see Australia as the land of ‘milk and honey:’

  1. Australia is democratic

    Australia is a federation with a constitutional monarchy (the UK’s Queen Elizabeth II) and a democratically elected parliament. As such it’s a democratic socialist nation on top of being part of the Commonwealth. The upshot of this is that every three years Australians can vote for their favourite parties and politicians in the general election, a privilege citizens of China do not yet have.

  2. Australia is spacious

    Australia is the world’s 7th least densely populated country because most of its population live in and around its handful of coastal cities, with its vast interior largely uninhabited. Compared with China which is the world’s most densely populated nation, it isn’t hard to see why so many Chinese are keen to leave their overcrowded cities and towns for the sheer spaciousness of Australia.

  3. Australia has the freshest air

    Australia officially has the least polluted air in the world. China, however, and in contrast, has some of the most polluted air on the planet, with the problem worsening as its industry and economy, not to mention its population, continues to grow exponentially. Attempting to avoid various pollution-related illnesses is a major reason why Chinese citizens are eager to emigrate to Australia.

  4. Australia has unrestricted internet access

    The Australian government does not restrict what its citizens can and cannot access over the internet. In other words, Australia has total internet freedom unlike China, a nation where the internet is heavily censored and even routinely monitored. For instance, consider that while this Australian entertainment site can be easily accessed in Australia, it is undoubtedly blocked in China.

  5. Australia is multicultural

    It’s no secret that modern Australia was shaped and built by many immigrants over the last few hundred years, which is why it’s considered to be one of the world’s most accepting and multicultural societies that welcomes people from over the globe, including China. In fact, according to the latest Australian demographics, 3.1% percent of the Australian population are of Chinese descent.

  6. Australia has free healthcare

    Australia offers free basic healthcare in the form of Medicare, as well private healthcare for those who can afford it. Medicare is widely considered to be one of the most efficient and effective free healthcare systems currently in the world. In China, however, while there is public healthcare, it comes at a price which is typically only half of what the Chinese public health insurance covers.

  7. Australia has a sunny climate

    Due to its temperate, sunny and mild climate most of the year, Australia is world famous for its broad outdoor lifestyle which is centred around sports, the beach and barbeques. China, however, has a climate that ranges from dry and hot summers to freezing cold winters and everything in between. Add to that how air pollution (smog) blocks out much of the sky in many of China’s cities.

  8. Australia is built on freedom

    Australia is a truly first world country built on personal freedom which has many laws, rules and regulations that are constantly enforced for the protection of its citizens and nation as a whole. Freedoms like gambling, internet access, freedom of religion, freedom of expression, freedom to vote, and many more have made it the desirable destination it is for citizens of China and beyond.

Last Updated on 2020/12/06

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