The Hani Village of Qingkou in Yuanyang


The Hani Village of Qingkou (元阳箐口哈尼民俗村) is located 7 km from the Yuanyang old town. The center of the village is the stone-paved Central Square.

The east of the square is the Hani Cultural Exhibition Hall composed of several mushroom houses behind two bronze drums. Shown in the hall is the splendid sight of the Hani people carving the Ailao Mountain slopes into terraced fields and the colorful ethnic customs.

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On the north are clusters of thatched towers facing north to the vast terraced fields in clouds. Crossing the bamboo forest and a stone bridge, walking along the winding road eastward, tourists can reach the section of water roller, water hammer, and water mill. At the foot of the village, there is an old place of sacrifice ceremony and a square for mill swing and hanging swing. During the Kuzha Festival, the Hani’s sacrifice by killing cattle and their happy sight of enjoying swings are seen.

The Hani Village of Qingkou in Yuanyang  map

Image source: pconline

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