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China Study Visa Requirements – What To Know

Not only does the China study visa requirements change throughout the years, but the process does take a bit of time.

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With the amount of time the process takes and the need to be very detail oriented during the Chinese student visa application, we’ve written a blog post with all the answers. Continue reading to learn more about China’s student visa, the requirements and the application process.



First and foremost, you will need to pick what school you’re going to be studying at in China. While there are many different options, Keats School in Kunming, China provides intensive one-on-one classes, with tuition covering accommodation and meals. Our school is accredited, we have the best teachers and our classes can start anytime, we’re flexible to work with you.

1. Choose the Chinese course that you plan to take at Keats. We have eight different options that you can look at here.

2. Apply to your preferred program. Applications for Keats School can be filled out directly online through our website, here.

3. Pay your tuition. At Keats, we require a deposit of $200 USD when applying for study abroad classes. In terms of the Chinese student visa requirements, when you’re studying abroad in China and applying for a student Visa, the school’s tuition needs to be paid in full before your application is processed.


After you’ve applied for school, it’s now time to fill out your Chinese student visa application form. Here’s how to do that.

After you apply to Keats School, we will send a visa application supporting materials directly to you through express mail. Once you receive these

materials, head to the nearest Chinese embassy to apply for an X1 student visa.

An X1 student visa is valid for 30 days after you arrive in China. Once you arrive, we will help you get a resident permit that allows you to complete your study in China.

A resident permit allows you to study in China for between 6 months to two years and gives you access to multiple entries into the country.



There are many requirements for a study abroad visa in China. These things are needed in order to have your visa processed and approved:

-Visa application form and photo
-Proof of legal stay in China

-Documents showing the itinerary including air ticket booking record (round trip) and an invitation letter issued by a relevant entity in China
-Admission Notice issued by School
-Original and photocopy of Visa application for study in China for

We’ve created a detailed guide to student visas, which can be easily downloaded for free, here. The guide breaks down these six things, which explains how to make sure each of these requirements is met correctly.



It’s extremely important to realize that the Chinese student visa process takes time. You’re going to want to apply to Keats and for a student visa, several months before you plan on heading to China. You’ll also have to make sure your current passport has several months worth of validity before applying for a visa.


We are more than happy to answer all of your questions regarding Chinese student visa requirements. Please contact us before applying to Keats School if you have any questions regarding your study visa.

To dive a little deeper into the visa application process, download our free exclusive visa factsheet. This guide breaks down the detailed steps of getting a visa, passport photo requirements for China and frequently asked questions… answered.

[Download our Free Guide on Obtaining a Visa to Study Abroad]

To get started on your Keats School application, apply directly online. If you have any questions, contact us today.

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