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Tips for better VPN performance in China

Last Updated on 2020/12/06

While only a few VPN service providers can bypass the Great Chinese Firewall (for example, NordVPN), it does not mean that they will work at their full capacity and potential.

It is known that the Great Firewall blocks foreign websites, throttles website loading speed and more. Moreover, the government spying on every move does make the whole browsing experience harder than it already is. Even when using a VPN service provider, users can run into a variety of problems like connectivity issues, speed drops, IP address leaks and other issues. Surely, it is good that a VPN at least works in China, however, not all users know how to make the most out of VPN services and what to look for, so it can provide their users with the wanted speed and performance.

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For users located in China, it is recommended not to use a free VPN service provider. Why? Even some of the premium paid VPN services cannot bypass the Great Firewall of China and it does take a lot of resources, so it is difficult to imagine a free one being able to bypass the country’s censorship. Free VPNs often leak IP addresses that can expose user original location, furthermore, most of the free VPN service providers keep user logs, meaning that their Internet activity can easily be disclosed.

Another important key feature is a stable connection. Unstable connections can get your IP address exposed as well, showing where you’re located. Not to mention that an often drop in connection will just be frustrating when surfing the web. If it is crucial that your IP is not revealed, be sure to look for a VPN that has a kill switch feature. It severs your Internet connection temporarily if there is a drop in your VPN connection. This way, your IP address will be kept safe from the prying eyes.

Fast speed is also of the essence. It is great if a VPN has a lot of servers. To be precise, the more servers there are located around China – the better, as for good speed, the closer the server is, the faster your connection will be. If you’re not sure which servers will be the fastest or give you the best performance, do ask the VPNs customer support -hey always know which servers work the best in specific countries.

Talking about which protocol is best, it said that OpenVPN is the most secure to use, however, it is great if a VPN service provider has stealth or obfuscated servers, or just any kind of servers that can provide more anonymity than the basic ones. These servers are more secure than the regular ones and are often made specifically for users living in countries where the Internet access is restricted. The said servers make your data look as regular web traffic. Why is it so important? By doing so, it is impossible to detect that a user might be using a VPN service provider to browse.

It is important to take into consideration the chosen VPN features in general, like the number of simultaneous connections available, the Privacy Policy, server locations, etc., but there are a few crucial features that can make your browsing experience in China even better. For example, NordVPN works perfectly in China, offers its users 6 simultaneous connections as well as a no logs policy, obfuscated servers and more than 2600 servers available.

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