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Baoshan guide – Located in western Yunnan, Baoshan (保山) was an important stage on the famous Southwest Silk Road with a rich culture.

The Tengchong National Scenic Area is situated in Tengchong Country of Baoshan Prefecture, having unique volcano clusters and geothermal landscapes.

Traveling along the Myanmar Road, tourists get chances to appreciate the historic relics on the Southern Silk Road as well as the majesty of volcanoes and terrestrial heat; experience ethnic folk customs in ethnic villages; enjoy subtropical views of the Sino-Myanmar border, or appreciate the idyllic scenery of western Yunnan.

Baoshan map

Best Tour Time

Baoshan’s climate has the characteristic that the yearly difference in temperature is big, while the daily difference is small. Generally speaking, the climate is pleasant and thus suitable for a tour in all seasons.

Tengchong National Scenic Area

On Tour

Baoshan is 571 kilometers from Kunming.

Airway: one return flight between Baoshan and Kunming every day, 40 minutes’ journey, 440 Yuan for a full ticket.

Attention: Baoshan Airport is 9 kilometers from its city center. There is the airport’s bus, 2 Yuan per person. The taxi will not charge by time, 25-30 Yuan.

Highway: 120 Yuan per person for the couchette train from Kunming to Baoshan, 7 hours’ journey; 131.5 Yuan for a luxury bus.

Attention: Dali—Baoshan Road often needs to be repaired for serious overload, so the bus driver always prefers the previous road and it is suggested to make it clear before buying tickets so as to arrange a journey conveniently.

Local Food

Having Tengchong as its representative and being unique in Yunnan, the local food of Baoshan is characterized by its oily but not greasy flavor, sour-hot and appetizing taste. The most famous specialties are Da Jiujia, Ersi, Erkuai, Da Baopian and Guozi that can be tasted in Tengchong Hotel; and snacks as rice noodles, the pea flour, roast, the sour-hot soup and green peppers mixing with collybia mushroom are all worthy of having a taste.

Yunfeng mountain

Local Products

Jade carving, root carving, rattan work, Tengchong medicine, stone material, paper umbrella, Tou Xinlv fried beans, Lujiang coffee, chess pieces of Yongchang in Baoshan.

Travel Information

Baoshan Tourism Bureau
Address: N0.32, Shangxiang Street of Yongchang town, Longyang district in Baoshan
Tel: 86 875 2122590/2122583
Fax: 86 875 2134767

What to see in Baoshan

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Images: Oliver Huang

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