Situated where Yunnan borders Sichuan and Tibet and in the abdomen of Three Parallel Rivers National Tourist Region.

Lanyue Valley Scenic Region in Shangri-la (香格里拉蓝月山谷景区) lies in the core area of Shangri-la, in the south of Shangri-la County Town. Lanyue Valley Scenic Region covers an area of 65 square kilometers. The glitter snow mountain, the magnificent valley, the bright lake like a mirror, the green grassy marshland like a blanket, the flourishing azalea and diligent and pure people on the Tea and Horse Road are mingled with the folk customs cultures, reflecting on one another. The entrance of the scenic region is 7.34 kilometers away from the county town and 4.5 kilometers from the Airport of Shangri-la.

Lanyue Valley map

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