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Haba Snow Mountain Nature Reserve

Last Updated on 2020/11/03

“Haba” means golden flower in Naxi language.

Haba Snow Mountain (Haba Snow Mountain Nature Reserve 哈巴雪山自然保护区) namely Golden Flower Snow Mountain is located in the southeast of Shangri-la County, being 120 kilometers from Jiantang Town, the capital seat of Diqing Prefecture.

As a provincial nature reserve with an area of 219.8 square kilometers, it is astonishing to see the natural scenes vertically distributed in the forest. It is also another living paradise for all kinds of precious animals in Shangri-la. Its highest peak perennially covered with snow and ice is surrounded by four lower peaks. Ice lakes scatter in this zone on the northern slopes 3500 meters high, among them, Heihai Lake, Yuanhai Lake, Huanghai Lake, and Shuanghai Lake are the most beautiful.

Haba mountain map

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