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Fengyu Old Town

Last Updated on 2020/12/07

Located in the southwest of Eryuan County, being one of the first famous historic and cultural towns approved by Yunnan Province.

凤羽古镇 Fengyu old Town

The great tourist and geographer of the Ming Dynasty Xu Xiake called it “Shangri-La”. Fengyu has been an important post on the Tea and Horse Road. The residential houses of Bai People spread all over the place, with the whole appearance being simple and plain. In the village the lanes paved with slab stones, the pure flowing water, the ancient residential houses, and the ancient tower constitute the specific features of Fengyu Ancient Town, having a great value of building arts and history.

Images of Fengyu Ancient Town

Fengyu old town, Dali, Yunnan


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