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Nanzhao Amorous Island

Nanzhao Amorous Island is located in Erhai Lake southwest of Shuanglang Villag on the east bank of Erhai, Dali, Yunnan, China.

南诏风情岛 Nanzhao Amorous Island , Dali, Yunnan

The main building on the island—Nanzhao Palace’s total building area is more than 8000 square meters. The construction style is based on the buildings of Tang Dynasty, integrated with the building styles of Nanzhao and Tufan to reflect the features of the times of multi-nationalities cultures mixing together in the period of Nanzhao.

Jade statue of Guanyin, the highest in the world, stands in the center of the island. Patron God Square stands on the west end of the island, with 4 copper statues of Patron God beside each wall and the forged copper statue of Central Patron God in the middle who is Duan Zongbang entitled the head of 500 gods of King Patron God. The essence of Bai People’s culture is collected in the square in order to make the visitors appreciate the culture of Patron God culture.

Nanzhao island, Dali

Once named the Yuji Island, Nanzhao Customs Island is situated in Shuanglang Village of Eryuan County at an elevation of 1,988 meters, 350 meters long from east to west, and 200 meters wide from south to north. It faces the Jizu Mountain to the east, the Shibao Mountain to the north, Dali old town to the south, and the Cangshan Mountain to the west. Endowed with unique natural resource and rich cultural resource, it is one of the top 25 scenic sites of Yunnan Province.

Nanzhao island, Dali

Seen from afar, it looks like a big shuttle. Like other islands in the Erhai Lake, it is made of limestone. Major eight scenic attractions of this island include Statues of Mother Shaye, Villas Overlooking the Lake, Square of Acuoye Goddess of Mercy, the Imperial Palace of Nanzhao Kingdom, Cultural Square of Patron God of the Bai, Beach Amusement Center, Stone Clusters, and the Fishing Boat Village. These eight sites, together with the gardening art with its distinctive style, contribute to an enchanting view.

Nanzhao island, Dali

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