During every winter and spring, the terraces in the cloud sea appear one minute and disappear the next.

那诺哈尼云海梯田 Hani cloud sea and terraces in Nanuo, Yuxi, Yunnan

Located in the Nanuo Country Government, 66 kilometers apart from Yuanjiang County town.  The rising sun shines upon the cloud sea, terraces, the blue sky and green mountain, drawing a quiet colorful ink and wash landscape painting. A lot of visitors yearn for the wonderful scenery and come to view it, experience the harmony between man and nature and feel the terraces culture created by the Hani People.

A terraced field is a sloped plane that has been cut into a series of successively receding flat platforms, for the purposes of more effective farming. Terraced paddy fields are used widely in rice, wheat and barley farming in China, as well as other places.

Nanuo terraced fields map

Images of terraced fields in Yunnan, China

Nanuo terraced fields

Original photo: Oliver Huang

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