Xiaoshuijing Miao Nationality Village of Fumin County is the biggest and original ecosystem Miao Nationality village, located in the northwest of Kunming City and being 32 kilometers apart from downtown in Kunming.

小水井苗族村 Xiaoshuijing Miao Nationality Village

Here you can see lively Miao customs, costumes, dwellings, religion, history and cultures. Over 85% villagers believe in Christianity. They work in the fields in the daytime and go to church to sing songs, chant scriptures and attend service in the evening and on weekend. Xiaoshuijing Miao Nationality Chorus originating from the church choir uses the techniques of four parts harmony, blending bel canto and folk singing methods to make their singing perfect.

Trip to Xiaoshuijing Miao Nationality Village

Xiaoshuijing Miao Nationality Village

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