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Yunnan Provincial Museum

Last Updated on 2020/11/04

Yunnan Provincial Museum first established in 1951 is a comprehensive museum in which cultural relics have been exhibited.

云南省博物馆 Yunnan Provincial Museum, Kunming

The number of objects in its collections has already exceeded 156000 pieces, the largest collection of its kinds, such as Bronze wares, ancient coins, ceramics, ancient books, calligraphy and rubbings, postage stamps as well as many different kinds of folk art and handicrafts. Within the many thousands of valuable pieces, over 1000 have been recognized as first-class national treasures.

Fine gold cowrie vessel decorated with a figure of a knight, found in Shizhaishan, in Jinning County, Bronze ox and tiger altar, discovered in Lijiashan, in Jiangchuan County, Gold standing statue of Guanyin, dating from the Dali nation, and unearthed in Santa in Dali, Ming Dynasty gold tiara inlaid with precious stones belonging to lady Mu, discovered in Wangjiaying in Chenggong County, a Northern Song Dynasty landscape painting by Guoxi and a Yuan Dynasty landscape painting by Huang Gongwang all can be rated as relics of national treasures level. Unique pieces in the museum’s collections are the bronze wares of the Dian Kingdom, the Buddhist cultural artifacts from the Nanzhao and Dali periods, and many extraordinary contemporary pieces of folk art of the ethnic minority groups.

Hours: 08:00~17:30
Address: 正义坊钱王街86号
Tel: (0871)63631103

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