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Old Stone

Last Updated on 2020/12/07

A hard-working cab driver in a bustling Chinese metropolis is plunged into a bureaucratic nightmare when he takes an injured man to the hospital.

Directed by Johnny Ma
Original title: Lao shi
Origin: Canada / China
Time: 80 minutes
Year: 2016
Language: Mandarin
Cast: Chen Gang, Nai An, Wang Hongwei, Zhang Zebin, Luo Xue’er
Cinematographer: Leung Ming-Kai

Presented at Toronto Film Festival 2016

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Johnny Ma’s thrilling feature debut takes us on an unnerving trip through China’s social strata and their corresponding levels of “justice,” telling the tale of a man whose honest act is turned against him.

For Lao Shi (Chen Gang), a taxi driver in a crowded city, every day of work is a fight for his family’s basic economic survival. One day, swerving his car because his arm is grabbed by a drunken passenger, he accidentally hits a motorcyclist. Passersby observe and take photos but don’t intervene, and when the ambulance takes too long to arrive, he decides to take the injured man to the hospital himself. But upon their arrival at the hospital, a bureaucratic nightmare quickly begins to unfold. [Source]

Johnny Ma

Johnny Ma was born in Shanghai and raised in Canada. He studied film at Columbia University. His short films are The Robbery (10), Play (11), The Genius from Quintino (12), and A Grand Canal (13). Old Stone (16) is his first feature film.


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